You, The Jeweler

August 31st, 2011 by wys

Artiste Jewelers - Custom JewelryVisiting crafts shows can make you realize exactly how fond you are of jewelry. You may have never imagined the vast array of handmade jewelry that may be seen all together in one place. Craft shows will have assortments of jewelry starting from familiar Western EU designs from up to date and antique periods, all the way to African jewelry made of bones and earthy beads.

Ever counted the types of beads that exist today? Jewelers create beads out of different objects, and substances. They make stone beads, polymer clay beads, rare gems, glass beads, wooden beads, fabric-wrapped beads, or any other imaginative adaptation of an old standard.

One artist is using bottle tops from popular carbonated drink bottles. The beads are intertwined with chain or leather and are woven between the bottle tops to glamorize this hip jewelry fashion. After seeing the creativity of these gifted artists, you may find yourself incentivized to begin making your own jewelry. You can craft these pieces to fit your own tastes and styles. Maybe you could even design pieces to reflect the fashion of your friends and family and give your creations as gifts.

Going to sessions in jewelry making is a great way to grow your ability at making beads and stringing them together in stable, fashionable ways . If you can’t commit to a regular class of this type, maybe you could take classes through video tutorials while in the comfort of your office or home. The advantages of learning jewelry making directions using this on demand video technology are many. You’ll have quick access to a professional instructor, and magnification of the work space as the teacher teaches the lesson plan.

The best thing about this type of activity is that there is no boundary to how well you can develop this ability. You can work at a slow or a fast rate, practice beading regularly or only once every week ; you can create pieces for yourself or just for others. You can work at the pace that is most convenient for you.
So get started! Who knows maybe one day it’s going to be your pieces that appear at the crafts show!

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