Yellow Diamonds Really Are A Women’s Best Friend

October 31st, 2010 by wys

Would you be surprised if you find out that yellow loose diamonds can be more expensive than a white diamond? Well, you shouldn’t be. They are naturally are far rarer than those that are white, as a matter of fact, they are far rarer than most colors of diamonds. Out of the hundred biggest diamonds in the world, only 30 of them are this color. And not even half of them are naturally. Why is it that most people are under the impression a yellow diamond is not valuable? It might be because the color yellow is not one that is very noticed. Not many people say that their favorite color is yellow, for whatever reason. That being said, yellow is really quite a nice color and is very vibrant.

When we see color it is because the object we are looking at reflected a specific wavelength of the light spectrum. A good example of this is a yellow flower. The jeans absorb all of the light except the blue light, which is reflected by the yellow flower. The increase the popularity of the yellow loose diamond has been caused by several factors. Celebrities are increasingly purchasing the very rare but beautiful Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds. Johnny Damon, the Red Sox baseball star, married Michelle Mangan last year, everyone was dazzled by the brilliant yellow diamond engagement ring she was wearing, so the yellow diamond has begun to take over the spotlight. Many other celebrities jumped on the bandwagon, most notably Dennis Quaid’s main squeeze, Kimberly Buffington, supermodel Heidi Klum, cover girl Varonica Varekova, hockey player Petr Nedved, producer Rodney Jenkins, and singer Joy Enriquez.

And you can even find them in a very light, subdued yellow. Any shade of yellow that there is, you can find a diamond in it. But chances of them being natural a rather low. Natural colored yellow diamonds are often 3 to 5 times the price of natural yellow ones. That being said, they are very elegant be placed in wedding rings or necklaces to give and loved ones. No one will say “Oh, I want a yellow diamond” but anyone will be happy to receive them. As color of diamond is not be forgotten. While many people seem to overlook them entirely, there are those who know the true value of a diamond that is naturally yellow. And I’m is a yellow are not Topaz, they two completely different materials. A true yellow diamond is in fact a real diamond, and hence it is as strong as any other diamond. Don’t be fooled by their color, these are 100% pure diamonds. They just happen to be a different color.

Different people have various attitudes towards yellow diamonds. Some believe them to be inferior to all the other fancy colored, while others have taken to it without hesitation when it became a hot trend several years ago. Yellow diamonds whose colorations are graded beyond the Z category in a white diamond grading scale automatically are classified as fancy colored. Depending on their cut, clarity, carat, and deepness of yellow coloration, it may become even more expensive than a colorless white diamond.

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