Wooden Jewelry Boxes Women Adore: Spotlight on Zebrawood

June 4th, 2011 by wys

Handmade wooden boxes are generally much in demand by women who love collecting trinkets. A kind of wooden jewelry boxes women find fascinating is the one decorated with intricate wood inlay work like marquetry. Marquetry uses several different types of rare and exotic wood from all over the world.

Zebrawood, with its amazing patterns and colors, make it very attractive for use in marquetry. Marquetry is a fine art form that adorns the exterior of the jewelry box, especially the lid, to make it more attractive. Veneers and burls of different kinds of rare and exotic wood are used to produce breathtaking designs and images.

Herds of zebra zipping by in the wilderness, or drinking water at streams, or grazing amiably, are images constantly brought to us by National Geographic. On the other hand, Zebrawood, is not something that can be found easily. This exotic wood is found only in parts of Central Africa: Cameroon, the Congo, and Gabon. Its striking resemblance to the zebra, with the very dark thin stripes on a light background, is how it got its name.

Zebrawood is of the Microberlina brazzavillensis species and is also called as Amouk, Allenele, African Zebrawood, and Zingana. This tree is mostly found on riverbanks and its diameter can range from 48 to 60 inches.

Its heartwood has very thin dark stripes in black or brown on an extremely pale golden background. The sapwood too is very pale in color and the wood has a very coarse texture. The wood is susceptible to insects as it is highly resistant to treatment with preservatives.

Although it is a very heavy hardwood, its grains are closely defined and interlocked making it a difficult wood to cut and carve. But it is an extremely beautiful and attractive wood with its exuberant patterns and colors especially when its quartersawn. It also does not dry easily and exudes a rather foul odor when it is cut.

As the Zebrawood veneer is pretty fragile, an extra level of care and attention needs to be paid while handling it to prevent it from breaking. But it can be worked fairly well with the use of hand and power tools. Using a belt sander will give a very smooth machine finish.

A jewelry box adorned with exquisite marquetry using Zebrawood would be the perfect gift for the special lady in your life as it packages both sophistication and class with a reasonable price tag.

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