Wooden Jewelry Boxes Made from Rubberwood with Exquisite Marquetry

July 26th, 2011 by wys

Marquetry embellished wooden jewelry boxes are not only beautiful, but also very useful. Using thin slivers of various materials like wood and metal, marquetry is able to create a picture or pattern that adds a unique identity to anything. This beauty is the result of the high-level craftsmanship and expertise that can only be delivered by a true artisan.

Before French kings used marquetry in their palaces and Arabs developed it to be part of their culture, it was in Italy in the 16th century that this art form started. Marquetry found its inspiration in Opera de Commessi. Since the 1980s, a technique called piercing that was made by Remy Vriez has been used by marquetry artisans and in the 2000s, the laser cutting that uses CAD software to produce veneer pieces is being propagated for its ease of use.

Marquetry artisans make use of different materials in making their masterpiece to come up with a beautiful product. Materials such as wood, pewter and ivory are the most common, but bone, metal and other fine material can also be used.

The Para rubber tree is also known as parawood. This Euphorbiaceae family member is a great source of latex that is used by the rubber industry from the early times to the present. Despite its name, its strong and durable characteristic is the main reason why furniture makers prefer to use it in their production.

After producing latex for several years, rubber trees are cut down once they stop doing so to make their wood useful in other things. This is the main reason why rubber wood is classified as an environmental-friendly material. It is the rubber wood’s sustainability that makes it the most preferred material among nature lovers.

Having very little shrinkage and a smooth finish are the other features of rubber wood. It also requires little to no maintenance on its lighter grains, which enables it to give a satiny texture.

With all the above mentioned characteristics, rubber wood is really the perfect material for anything. The latex-producing rubber wood might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of beautiful materials. Jewelry boxes made from it and embellished with marquetry will prove everybody wrong that rubber wood can only produce latex.

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