Why You Ought To Look For An Engagement Ring Together

September 1st, 2010 by wys

There are movies where the man shops for the tungsten engagement ring on his own and picks the perfect ring to present to his bride-to-be and she loves it. Then there is real life when you shop for an engagement ring and do not know if she is going to like it, particularly if you shop on your own without her. An engagement ring is a large purchase, meant to last a life time. Therefore, you should shop for the engagement ring together. Many people are resistant to this idea. However, there are many virtues to shopping together including that you know she will like the ring and will say yes when you ask her “the question.” Before shopping for an engagement ring together, it is important to talk about getting married. If you simply spring the shopping trip on your soon-to-be fiance, you might still get turned down. However, if you talk about getting married first and then go shopping together, you are assured that she will say yes to your proposal. Shopping together can be done in many ways.

The most obvious way is to go to the jewelry store, online or in-person, together and look at tungsten engagement rings. Be clear about what your budget for a ring is and do not look at rings priced above what you can afford. If you do this task together, you are assured that the purchased ring will be one she likes. Additionally, you know she will say yes so that you didn’t spend all the money on a ring only to be turned down. This is one of the easiest ways to pick the perfect ring. However, make sure you have spoken of marriage before you spring the shopping trip on her, otherwise you might get turned down at this point. If you are opposed to the idea of actually going to the shop together, you can still ask her enough questions to pick the perfect ring. Start with what type of diamond she wants: princess cut, round, square, oval or some other shape.

In these cases, men often resort to having a friend or family member go with them to be a “sounding board” when they shop for rings. But if you’re going to take a friend or family member along when shopping for engagement rings, doesn’t it make much more sense to simply take the woman you plan to spend the rest of your life with? After all, she is the one who must be happy wearing the tungsten diamond engagement ring; not your friends or family members. Once you’ve made the decision to shop for engagement rings as a couple, it is a good idea to discuss the price range you are comfortable with before you visit the jewelry stores. It doesn’t have to be a specific dollar amount limit, but both partners should at least be “on the same page” before the shopping begins. The worst-case scenario is that the woman may be completely blown away by a beautiful ring that is, unfortunately, way outside your price range. That is why it is critical that you sit down and discuss a general price range in advance — and agree to stick to it. Shopping for engagement rings doesn’t have to be stressful, as long as you discuss things thoroughly in advance and make your decision as a couple.

Will he wonder forever if she truly loves the ring or is just pretending so as not to hurt his feelings? Con: Sticking to a tight budget might be more challenging with the bride-to-be in tow. Some women can’t help but gravitate to the biggest, most fabulous engagement ring in the store! Saying no to her favorite is a really awkward position for a man to find himself in, and not the least bit romantic. On the other hand, splurging on a ring which is way out of his comfortable price range will not leave the man feeling so great, either. When the couple shops together, they can make an informed selection about how to best spend their money, especially if the engagement ring will be coming out of joint funds. This can be great if the man is comfortable discussing his wedding jewelry budget with his fiance. She can decide where she would most like to put the money; is is more important to her to have a platinum ring, or would white gold be okay if it meant a bigger diamond? Does she value intricate design work more or a big rock? When all goes according to plan, this type of joint decision making can ensure that both halves of the newly engaged couple are very happy with the engagement ring. It is up to each individual to decide if these practical concerns are worth losing the element of surprise at the moment of engagement.

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