What’s in the Stars? Options for a Zodiac Wedding under the Sign of Scorpio

June 3rd, 2010 by wys

Were you and your beloved meant for each other? Was it written in the stars? Even though such notions may be idealistic, a lot of folks really believe them. They believe that love and destiny binds their souls together. If this is the way you and your beloved think, you might want to consider giving your wedding a celestial theme that’s associated with the sign of the zodiac under which your wedding day falls. If you are planning your wed within the period from October 23 to November 21, you marriage will be under the sign of Scorpio.

Designer Wedding Jewellery - The Zodiacal Sign Scorpio

In Greek folklore, stories that relate to Scorpio additionally involve a mention of Orion. Here is the tale of Scorpio: Orion, a strong hunter, stated proudly that he would exterminate every animal on the planet. The goddess Artemis, a hunter also, offered safeguarding from Orion to to every animal on the planet and ordered a scorpion to to destroy him and the two had a terrible fight. Artemis enquired of Zeus, the king of the gods, to ascend this scorpion to heaven to honour its gallantry. Scorpio is one of the most vivid constellations seen in the night sky and has the star Antares, which radiates with a unique yellow-orange colour and is also one of the brightest stars that you can see at night.

Designer Wedding Jewellery - Additional Information on Scorpio

Scorpio is controlled by Pluto whose element is water. Pluto is thought to influence and remove differences through a revival process which can led absolute change in an affirmative manner. Pluto further implicates a new start. The element water is also figurative of wholesomeness and productiveness and some interpret it as the source of life itself. Water furthermore represents alteration and change. People who wed under the sign of Scorpio can anticipate having passionate feelings in their marriage which persistently convert the limits of each individual and unite the pair as a couple. Scorpio couples are intense and passionate but always manage to transcend the mundane in favour of a higher order of perception. Folks who get married under Scorpio additionally seek out self-mastery and strive to tear themselves away from erroneous boundaries.

Designer Wedding Jewellery - Jewellery Suitable for a Wedding Ceremony Under the Sign of Scorpio

In order to display your zeal, choose jewellery that compliments your face. You can surely do this by choosing a lovely pair of earrings. Due to the fact that water is the component of Scorpio, pearls are a good choice. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some stylish pearl clusters that have a sparkling Swarovski crystal at the centre? Another choice could include a twisted design which has pearls mixed with Swarovski crystals as well as silver plated wire. To stay true to the rebirth and transformation theme, nothing would be more suitable than earrings which have dainty filigree butterflies embellished with glistening crystals. Conclusively, a sterling silver set of earrings which display a Swarovski crystal flower will accentuate the idea of natural clarity that numerous Scorpio couples pursue.

Planning your wedding event under the zodiac sign of Scorpio will mirror all the fervour and strength that you possess as partners.

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