What’s in the Stars? Options for a Zodiac Wedding Ceremony under the Sign of Pisces

September 13th, 2010 by wys

When the first humans looked up into the night sky and wondered about the brilliant lights, they attempted to give significance to the things they saw. From such primitive notions arose the zodiac signs, a group of mythological and emblematic signs that are thought to preside over human qualities and mannerisms. When your wedding ceremony will be between February 19 and March 20, it falls under the sign of Pisces.

Wedding Jewellery UK - The Zodiacal Sign Pisces

The sign Pisces is generally emblemized by two fishes. In Greek folklore, the tale depicts that a monster referred to as Typhon was chasing after the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros. In order to elude him, they jumped in the water, morphed into fishes and swam safely away. During the swim, they tied their tails together so they would not lose each other in the water. Soon after, they were rescued by some different fishes and eventually were hung in the sky to celebrate the day when Aphrodite, who was the goddess of beauty, and Eros, called the god of love, were rescued from destruction.

Wedding Jewellery UK - Other Facts about Pisces

Pisces a sign whose element is water. Water is a mystifying and erratic element which can be translucent and limpid or murky and mystifying. Water that is bottled inside a vessel, pool or fountain, as an example, can be beneficial to man. Water that is uncontained, to illustrate in a flood or a saturating down pouring rain, can be detrimental.
Water also is changeable. It may be liquid, solid or gas and in light of this, are deemed to symbolize alteration. A lot of people deem that water represents the unfathomable, mysterious facets of the human consciousness. Pisces’ is under Neptune’s control, god of the sea. Neptune is envisioned carrying a trident, which bears a resemblance to a 3-pronged pitchfork. Every point of the trident has a figurative denotation which is in turn tri-fold. The first prong signifies birth, life and death. The second prong is symbolic of body, awareness and spirit. The third prong symbolises past, present and future. Partners who enter into matrimony under the sign of Pisces have a dominant mystic realm and kinship that often aspires to higher goals. These people are understanding, unselfish and concerned and have a strong vision that allows them to see unity in all things. Pisces couples also are rather amenable and perceptive – maybe even intuitive. Their connection is a phase which persistently regenerates itself.

Wedding Jewellery UK - Jewellery Choices for a Wedding Ceremony Under the Sign of Pisces

Pearls are the gorgeous and uncommon gemstones of the sea. As a complement to your Pisces wedding event, opt for a total jewellery ensemble that features affordable freshwater pearls. Whether it’s a dramatic pearl tiara or maybe a demure single pearl pendant, you will be sticking to the theme of your wedding ceremony by incorporating pearls. For an especially elegant look, take into account pearls which are mixed with other items like glistening Swarovski crystals or iridescent opalescent glass beads.

Whenever you underscore your wedding ceremony which takes place under the sign of Pisces with pearls, a rare and precious gift from the sea, you’re sure to stay true to your water theme.

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