What’s in the Stars? Hints for a Zodiac Wedding under the Sign of Pisces

June 15th, 2010 by wys

Whenever the earliest human beings gazed into the night time sky and speculated about the bright lights, they attempted to give significance to the things they saw. From such primitive notions arose the zodiac signs, a group of folkloric and figurative signs that are said to govern human attributes and conduct. If your wedding date is between February 19 and March 20, it is subject to the sign of Pisces.

Wedding Jewellery UK - The Zodiacal Sign Pisces

The sign Pisces is generally emblemized by two fishes. In Greek mythology, the story goes that a monster named Typhon was in pursuit of the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros. To get away from him, they dove into the water, transformed into fishes and swam to safety. During the swim, they tied their tails together so they would not lose each other in the water. Later, they were saved by the other fishes and eventually were hung in the sky to honour the day in which Aphrodite, called the goddess of beauty, and Eros, who was the god of love, were saved from destruction.

Wedding Jewellery UK - Additional Information Regarding Pisces

Pisces is one of the water signs. Water is a baffling and volatile element that can be clear and limpid or shadowy and inexplicable. Water that is contained in a vessel, pool or fountain, for instance, can be useful to man. Water that is uncontained, case in point in a flood or a dousing down pouring rain, can be detrimental.
Water also is mutable. It can be a liquid, solid or gas and due to this fact, can be noticed as signifying change. Many folks think water is indicative of the profound, dark characteristics of the human mind. Pisces’ is governed by Neptune, who is known as the sea god. Neptune often is pictured holding a trident, which bears a resemblance to a 3-pronged pitchfork. Each prong of the trident has a symbolic meaning that is in turn tri-fold. The first prong symbolises birth, life and passing away. The second prong is emblematic of body, awareness and soul. The third prong implicates past, present and future. People who get married under Pisces have a dominant mystic realm and kinship which sometimes targets higher goals. Such people are empathic, self-sacrificing and considerate and have a strong visualization that permits them to find unanimity in all things. Pisces couples also are rather amenable and perceptive – maybe even intuitive. Their relationship is a cycle that constantly renew itself.

Wedding Jewellery UK - Jewellery for a Wedding Ceremony Under the Sign of Pisces

Pearls are the stunning and extraordinary gemstones of the sea. As a complement to your Pisces wedding ceremony, choose an entire jewellery ensemble that features affordable freshwater pearls. Whether it’s a dramatic pearl tiara or even a demure single pearl pendant, you will certainly be staying with the wedding’s theme by using pearls. For a particularly stylish appearance, consider pearls that are combined with other materials such as sparkling Swarovski crystals or gleaming opalescent glass beads.

Whenever you underscore your wedding ceremony which takes place under the sign of Pisces with pearls, an unusual and treasured gift from the sea, you will be staying in harmony with your water theme.

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