What’s In Name Jewelry?

November 1st, 2009 by wys

You might have been one of the little tots on the playground back in the day, sporting the latest craze in sneakers. Not to mention, maybe you had a sparkle on your wrist as you moved. Or maybe it was a flash of gold or silver around your neck that you liked to stop and fiddle with from time to time. When you were a child, receiving a little piece of jewelry with your name on it was precious. As a child, you are still discovering everything about your name. Everything from the spelling to the way it looked on paper was fascinating to you. To see your name embossed in gold or rhinestones was nothing short of a miracle. It was a proud moment to be able to actually wear your name in shining letters. Whether it was a necklace or Name rings, as a child the gift was phenomenal. And always so fashionable.

But as you grow, the wonder tends to die. After time and use, the name becomes less mysterious. It’s a travesty, because a name is the most precious possession a person has. The meaning and origin behind a name can hold such power over the person you become, it seems disastrous to lose sight of your name’s importance. Name pendants may seem like it’s targeted towards a younger crowd. But as an adult, it could be even more valuable. After years of evolving with your name, maybe taking nicknames or learning a different way to write it, a name becomes the most inseparable part of you. The self-worth of having your name on a necklace or ring can be beyond moving. A piece you’ll treasure forever.

Not that such jewelry is rare in more adult settings. If you already have a special piece of jewelry, why not have your name engraved upon it? Giving someone jewelry with your name on it is also a great gift idea. It can be overwhelming in a store when trying to find jewelry gifts. But getting someone you love a piece of jewelry with their name on it makes it all the more personal and thoughtful.

So whether or not you were one of the kids sporting jewelry with your name on it as a kid, look to the present. There’s always time to find that new found love for your name and celebrate it. Make a statement and show your personal style. Tell the world who you are.

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