What Features To Consider When Purchasing a Sports Watch

August 14th, 2010 by wys

Getting a sports watch requires you to decide what features the watch must have. It will certainly be determined by the type of sport you do. Runners amongst you will need different sports watch features than scuba divers for example. So let’s have a look at how to choose.

There are tons of great watches around, many of them have lots of features, so it is just a matter to pick up the main 1 or 2 features and make your search in according to these. If you don’t make a clear choice, you may get lost in the endless offers. Actually, once you choose your main features, you can be sure that the watch is going to be loaded with other extras - take that as a nice gift.

For an easy orientation I made a quick list of the main sports watch features.

Resistance to Water

I personally think that the water resistance is the core feature of any sports watch. You do not have to be a diver per se but you still need a water proof watch. Even a regular shower can damage your watch. Your activities can differ so just pick up the watch that will have the appropriate level of water resistance. Watches for running could be water proof up to 10 meters and there are also great watches for divers that are water proof up to 500 meters. Diving watches are usually also resistant against salt.

Global Positioning System

All hikers going to remote places should be considering getting a watch with GPS. It could save you a lot of trouble when trying to find your way. If you think that having GPS means selling your adventurer’s soul too cheap, then get a watch with a built-in digital compass.

Weather Factors

Features related to the weather could be things like a thermometer, altimeter, barometer, sunrise and sunset data or altitude memory. That gives you desirable information about the weather when you go hiking in the mountains or make trips to remote places or extreme conditions.


For more extreme sports where your watch could suffer from shock damage, the G shock watches are perfect

Features Perfect For Running

Regarding to watch features, running is a very special sport. It requires a very good timer and stopwatch and mainly very handy heart rate monitor.

Watch Band

The choice of watch band will likely affect how you feeling about your new sports watch. Make sure that you don’t base choosing your new sports watch on how the watch band looks, as you can change the band later. The band for sports watches should be permeable so the sweat doesn’t stay under the band. A good material for sports bands is titanium - super solid, very durable and very light.


When choosing a sports watch it is important to choose a brand that guarantees you top quality and durability. Amongst the top class sports watch brands you’ll find Casio, Invicta, Timex or Garmin.

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