What A Woman Never Outgrows

June 9th, 2011 by wys

From the time women are little girls, jewelry holds a magical power over them. To a young girl, her jewelry box is one of her most cherished possessions. It is filled with things that glitter, gleam, and shine. It possesses the wizardry to transform her from an ordinary kid into a princess. When she opens her jewelry box a twinkling sound casts a spell on her room, and a pretty balletdancer spins delicately in an eternal arabesque, exhibiting all of the grace and beauty she feels when she ornaments herself in the contents of her beloved chest of treasures.

Though she might grow up, the allure of jewelry never gets old. Maybe this is the reason why jewelry is one of the most special gifts a woman can receive. Not only will it reflect her style, show that someone cares for her, and straight away add class to any outfit, it reminds her of her infancy, a time when the impossible wasn’t so and fairy tales looked real. And though she may have traded in her first jewelry box with the ballerina for a rather more grown up design, she’s sure to identify this box as a place where she stores precious baubles and gifts, unique handmade jewelry, each one waking happy memories.

She may be powerful and independent, but no woman is too ancient to love dressing up. She likes adding a little bit of glamour to her day by sitting at her jewelry box, reveling in the demonstration of brilliance which shines from each corner of this well-stocked container of ornaments. These knick-knacks may shimmer, but they are merely a reminder to her that she intrinsically has got a light much more radiant than any valuable stone.

Ambitious pirates and explorers have sailed oceans and braved radical dangers looking for buried treasure, but no girl has ever had cause to try such attainments. She knows that she’s got a treasure chest of her own at home, filled to bursting with the wonder of memory, the nostalgia of childhood, and the glistening welcome of her jewelry.

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