Wedding Jewellery Sets and Other Bridal Hair Jewellery for Your UK Wedding

September 9th, 2010 by wys

Wedding Jewellery Sets are extremely well-liked by UK brides since they lend a sophisticated, and stylish touch to every wedding collection. As you are selecting wedding jewellery, try matching it with your wedding ring. The following info regarding wedding rings could be of significance and also handy

Wedding Jewellery Sets - Origins of the Wedding Ring - Ancient Egypt

The history of the wedding ring began almost 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Still way back then, the ring represented endless love. Egyptians made the ancient ring out of plants found nature including rushes and reeds. Rings also were made from ivory, bone or leather. A circle was a significant symbol of the Egyptians as they stood for the sun and moon and they were both holy to them. In time, just like the ring, the practice of trading rings would become symbolic of the two’s endless and eternal love. Because rings made from natural materials weren’t very durable, the Egyptians eventually began using metals and embellished their rings with precious and semi-precious gemstones, symbols of wealth.

Wedding Jewellery Sets - Starting With the Romans and Progressing

Couples of Rome utilized wedding rings created out of iron to show how strong their love was. By the time of the Romans, the tradition of giving and receiving a ring had become a legal contract in which both the woman herself and all her possessions became the property of the man. By the 3rd century AD, gold and silver came into common use for wedding rings. A groom gave his bride the ring at the time he would carry over the threshold of their new home following their wedding ceremony. During the middle ages, gold became the preferred material for making wedding rings. Amid this era, sapphires, diamonds, and rubies had developed into the adornment everyone loved. At the time of the Renaissance period, it had become a practice to present engagement rings. Flamboyant engagement rings made of silver and adorned with enamel became customary. In the 17th century at the time that carving rings with poetic stanza was commonplace, silver was admired as well. When the 18th century had arrived, wedding rings looked the same as they do nowadays.

Superstitions and More Concerning Wedding Rings

Among particular European civilizations, getting married using something other than gold wedding rings was thought to bring bad fortune. Also, superstition has it that when a ring is a misfit, then bad luck would befall. A ring that was overly tight was said to indicate that resentment would interfere in the marriage. A ring which fit very loosely represented that the marriage could end because of someone’s lack of memory or heartless nature. According to the ancient Egyptians, the wedding ring should be worn on the third finger on the left hand because there was a vein which joins the finger with the heart. This practice was conveyed through the Egyptians to the Greeks down to the people of Rome, and ultimately, to us today. Up until the 20th century, men were not have on wedding rings.

So when you’re choosing from amongst wedding jewellery sets, be sure your wedding ring receives the most emphasis.

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