Ways To Put That Personal Touch Into a Gift or When Decorating a Room Using Your Photos

October 22nd, 2009 by wys

Many people have photographs displayed in frames throughout their house and think that is the only way to show off their precious photos of their family or places they have traveled image onto another form has been increasingly popular and this article will describe some of those unique items that may be used for gifts or just something you would like to have in your home like photo jewelry and photo dog tags or large scaled] murals that participating in their favorite sport.

For years a lot of people have enjoyed of their children whether it is a bracelet] with the child’s birthstone on it or initials engraved on it. This has been a special item to present to the new mother or a gift on mother’s day for the much appreciated mom or grandma. Now with high performing technology of photography and the use of the digital processing, jewelry can now have the exact replica of the chosen photograph you would wish to have transformed onto a piece of jewelry. This is not just for the ladies either. Photo dog tags have become a popular gift item for those father’s to proudly display their children in a more masculine type of jewelry .

Another great method people are using photography to bring a more personalized item into their house decorating is by spelling out their family name using still photography . This has been seen is some recent catalogues that sell home furnishings and decorations and has natural elements that have been photographed that also appear similar to individual letters. A couple of letters are of twigs or some are found in iron scroll work and it makes a unique and beautiful artistic statement . A lot of families are now getting this type of photography artwork spell out their family’s last name and hanging in their family rooms. This is just another way photography can be personalized into a great unique item . It would also make a great wedding gift for the newly married couple.

The final tip for using photographs in a decorating idea is to create a one of a kind mural that runs the entire wall of your child’s room. This has been an item sold by the Pottery Barn catalogue and has proven to be a big hit . If you son is really into skateboarding take several photos of him skateboarding and then have the best one created into a wall mural for his roomspace . Not only will it look coolhe will be proud that the mural is featuring him doing something he enjoys doing .

The best way to find out some of these terrific ideas is to search the online websites and a lot of these ideas will show up. Some photography stores or other cataloguescatalogues shops also show some of these suggestions too . With digital technology, the sky’s the limit into how you can transform your photographs into great personalized creations .

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