Using Swarovski For Ladies’ Birthday Presents

November 14th, 2010 by wys

If you are looking for a perfect gift, choose something that the other person could really use. You can also give something that the person could carry with her wherever she goes. When the person you are buying a gift for is a woman, it can be a challenge to look for suitable gifts. You can always give something that she already owns if you can make it more fashionable with Rhinestones. Swarovski rhinestone accessories are among the things that women love the most. Herein are some of the best women’s gifts you can decorate with Swarovski rhinestones…

How to Make Sparkling Birthday Presents?

1. Shawls and Crystals
Most women would rather bring shawls with them when the weather is chilly compared to coats. Shawls are a woman’s best accessory when nights are balmy. A woman would be more proud to show off her shawl when there are Swarovski rhinestones on it.

2. Rhinestone-studded Purse
Hand-quilted purses are a popular gift for women no matter what age. A quilted handbag can be made into a craft item using Swarovski rhinestones. The rhinestones can serve as accents to make the applique stand out, or they can be attached so that they look like they’re part of the applique design.

3. A Fab Apron
A rhinestone studded apron is for mom to use when she’s cooking breakfast. If you have kids, maybe you can create your birthday gift with them. Kids can help out by selecting and lining up the rhinestones that will be applied to the apron. You can also do this for aprons meant for older female relatives like aunts and grandma.

4. Glamorous Gym Bags
Flat Back Swarovski Crystals can be used to decorate an otherwise plain gym bag. Gym bags are common especially among those who love yoga and fitness. Use rose colored or pink rhinestones for dark bags. Use darker colored rhinestones if her gym bag is white.

5. Bolero Ornaments
Women who go to the office bring along a bolero jacket when the weather is not too cold. A bolero is a unique garment because it makes a woman look more composed. You can get a plain bolero in the size that will fit your loved one and adorn the front part or the sleeves with crystals.

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