Unique Jewelry Boxes: Some Fascinating Tidbits

April 22nd, 2011 by wys

Did you know that only wood can produce unique jewelry boxes? All handmade jewelry boxes exhibit their own distinct traits and markings. Each box looks like a miniature model of intricately carved furniture and is at times customized to blend with a room’s decor.

Jewelry boxes are made in different art styles like the Contemporary, Victorian, Elizabethan, Art Deco, or Classic forms. Matching of all sides of the box is attempted with meticulous attention to detail in order to balance all sides aesthetically. This is called book matching.

Band saw jewelry boxes are those that are carved out of individual blocks of wood using the band saw, a power tool. This tool has a metal blade with teeth on one side and is used to carve irregular shapes out of wood. The lids are usually carved by hand and the box has no joints or seams. The inner section is cut out and sanded for a fine finish. Several exotic names are given to these band saw boxes because of their unusual shapes.

Small handcrafted trinket boxes with feet and accents can be used to store delicate pieces of fine jewelry like earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. There are also men’s jewelry boxes called ‘watch boxes’ that are made exclusively for watches and are fitted with small watch pillows.

Most jewelry boxes are fitted with dividers that are used to create smaller sections in the box . The large boxes have different levels and several drawers while the smallest one has just a single drawer and is commonly used as a snuff box!.

In ancient times, carpenters used only their hands and hand tools to carve elaborately ornate jewelry boxes Several types of rare and exotic wood were used like the cocobolo, sassafras, and wenge. Kauki is a very expensive, exotic, and rare wood and jewelry boxes made of this wood are considered family heirlooms and handed down over several generations.

Maple is also commonly used in the manufacture of handmade wooden jewelry boxes. There are more than a 100 species of maple! The hornbeam maple, sugar maple, red maple, and the European sycamore (of Biblical fame!) are preferred over others.

Each piece of wood is unique because of its markings caused by the elements, fungus, insects, and even genetic factors. The burls found in each piece of wood are unique and cannot be replicated. ‘Fiddle-back flamed’, ‘Curly’, ‘Bean Claw’, ‘Birds Eye’, ‘Quilted’, ‘Spalted’ are some of the unusual names given to different types of wood markings.

Unique jewelry boxes are those that are not dyed with chemicals or stained but are those that are allowed to reveal their natural flaws that sever to enhance their beauty. Each box is given a lining made of velvet or satin cloth or some fabric that is just as soft and smooth. The hinges are usually made out of brass and are gold plated, and sometimes even made of silver.

Handmade wooden jewelry boxes, as such, do not follow a fixed pattern. A truly skilled carpenter can bring to life any dull piece of wood and carve out a beautiful and yet unique piece of art.

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