Unique Gifts: Hand Carved Jewelry Box with Marquetry Enhancement

June 23rd, 2011 by wys

Looking for unique gifts for that special someone can sometimes be difficult. What do you give the woman you love who practically has everything? You don’t just want to give her anything that everybody else has.

You want something that’s uncommon that will let her know how much you love and appreciate her. Women have had jewelry boxes since they were little girls.

Remember the first box your mom gave you, the one with the pretty ballerina? You would gaze at it for hours as it spun round and round while you stored your favorite trinkets inside. These boxes hold many special memories and as girls grow into women, it grows in sentimental value.

This is what makes jewelry boxes a most welcome gift. Finding one that is different and out of the ordinary makes it even more special. It’s common to see jewelry boxes that are commercially mass-produced and sold at many retail outlets.

You don’t want to get one of these. You want a box that has been made with great care and attention to detail making handcrafted wooden boxes the ideal gift option. Wooden jewelry boxes are usually made from various hardwoods from all over the world.

They are carefully handcrafted by the artisan ensuring that each and every piece is impeccably sculpted. An intricate marquetry design will make the box evenmore exceptional. Marquetry is the art of painstakingly putting thin slices of wood or veneers together to produce a lovely pattern.

It takes a lot of skill and effort to accomplish such a work of art. From conceptualization to actual production, the entire process takes quite a significant amount of time. Different woods are selected taking into account grain pattern, color, and texture to give the best combination for each design.

Afterwards, each piece is joined together much like a puzzle making sure that they fit seamlessly to form a stunning masterpiece. Since not all woods are the same, no two jewelry boxes are alike even if they have similar designs. Because of the individual differences in wood patterns and shades, you always get a distinct and individual finished product that is somehow different from the next.

And as the box ages, it will only acquire even more character and personality that will make it more unique and breathtaking than it already is. Having an exquisitely handcrafted box that is both useful and stylish is great. Not only does it help you organize your jewelry collection, it also enhances a room by adding sophistication and charm.

The knowledge that the hands of a talented craftsman have conceived such a breathtaking work of genius makes the jewelry box more personal. The thought, ingenuity and artistry that have been put into such remarkable craftsmanship makes it more precious. If you’re still stuck trying to figure out the perfect gift, you don’t have to look any further.

A wooden jewelry box with a beautiful and intricate marquetry design will be one priceless gift that the most important person in your life will love, value, and cherish for a lifetime.

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