Unique Gifts For Mom: Wall Art with Beautiful Marquetry to Show Her How Much You Love Her

July 29th, 2011 by wys

Great gifts for mom can be a little tricky. What can you give the woman who brought you into this world? What can you give that will show her how important she is to you?

When we were younger, we could give her anything and it would seem like the most priceless thing in the world for her. Even a rock or a stick would be considered as if it were a precious diamond. Remember laboring for hours over those birthday or mother’s day handmade cards?

They were not the prettiest yet she would display them as if they were works of genius. Things were definitely easier when we were younger. In our mother’s eyes, we were simply perfect.

We will always be her source of pride and joy. She prepared our favorite meals, had freshly baked cookies waiting when we arrived from school, took care of us when we were sick and worried whenever we got a scratch or a bruise. She waited up for us each time we missed our curfews and made sure dad didn’t ground us unreasonably.

She cried with us when we went through our first heartbreak, hugged us and told us there was someone better. And when in our teenage years we rebelled and took her for granted, we ultimately broke her heart yet her love and support for us never wavered. She gave us the space to search and find ourselves and when we returned, her arms were wide open, ready to accept us back.

The connection between a mother and child is so strong it cannot be destroyed. Until we ourselves have children, we can never understand the difficulties our mothers go through for us. If we could, we would choose to absorb all the pains in the world just to spare our children.

And this is what our mothers have always felt for us. Moms are special not only because they gave us life but they are the glue that holds the family together. They make sure that everybody’s needs are met first before their own.

It is only right that we show our love and appreciation for them. One way to express your appreciation for your mom is with an exquisite hand carved wall art with elegant marquetry pattern. Marquetry is an ancient art where artisans painstakingly cut thin woods and assemble them like a jigsaw puzzle to create amazing and wonderful patterns.

Floral patterns will bring back memories of those bonding times spent gardening in your backyard. A pattern that shows the sunset will bring memories of the time the whole family went camping. No matter the design, she will always remember you lovingly every time she looks at it.

And you will be sure that you are giving her something that is one of a kind and unique. While you can be sure that mom will value anything you get her, the time and effort you put into choosing a gift is something she deserves. The thought and careful attention to detail will be highly appreciated and will make her feel more special.

A skillfully crafted elegant wooden wall art with striking marquetry embellishment will simply say, “Mom, I love you.”

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