Ultimate Celebrity Trends Buy Pearl Earrings

March 22nd, 2010 by wys

Pearls have always been popular with the ladies, and none more so than the modern day celebrity. Famous ladies have been seen sporting stunning pearl earrings that not only make a statement, but also add a sparkling feminine touch to any lady and her curves. Young girls buy pearl earrings to be like their idols, with rising music stars opting for pearls to tie in with their preppy and stylish image.

Perfect Pearls For Every Day

Pearls and pearl earrings are favoured by many, but do celebrities like the colours of pearls more than the delicate design? Well, it’s a mixture of things actually, and each pearl fan will have their own individual reason for wearing and choosing to buy pearl earrings. They can be dressed up or dressed down and they look stunning all year round, and every season. Whereas many types of jewellery come and go in the fashion stakes, pearls remain as the favoured fashion wardrobe staple, and they have done for many years.

Making The Old Brand New

Most people associate pearl earrings with the mid 20th century, when the ‘term’ celebrity was coined and ladies like Marilyn Monroe wore pearls. For those looking to be like their favourite celebrity, head to any respected jewellery store and take your pick from the variety of modern meets vintage pearl classics. Nearly every jeweller in the country stocks beautiful pearls, as they know there is the demand for them – women quite simply love to buy pearl earrings.

It doesn’t stop at pearl earrings though – there are many other different jewellery styles which people wear. There are pieces you can team with pearls to make a bolder statement. The modern day preference is to get matching gold pieces around the neck and wrist, with some prominent pearl earrings. This is actually a very clever trick that the celebrities play too – by wearing bold earrings, people are drawn to the face rather than the body. The best advice is to keep all other jewellery choices simple compared to the bold choice of pearl earrings, so your jewellery doesn’t overpower you. Of course, the celebrities always get it just right, so take a tip from them if in doubt.

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