Types of Wood Used In Making Extra Large Jewelry Boxes: the Exotic Bird’s Eye Maple

May 24th, 2011 by wys

Extra large jewelry boxes will be absolutely perfect for you if you have a large and expensive collection of precious jewelry. Considering the monetary and aesthetic value of the contents of the box, you may want to go in for a box that is also made of expensive and rare wood, and adorned with intricate handcrafts like marquetry, and other embellishments.

Several different kinds of wood are using in making jewelry boxes. You will be able to get a fairly good and pricey looking box made with rubber wood or some other locally available wood but with exquisite marquetry work done on it using rare burlwood and veneers. A rare and very expensive wood, the Bird’s Eye Maple, is quite often used in marquetry to add charm to an otherwise dull looking box.

An aberrant but natural phenomenon of the Hard Sugar Maple (Acer suchrum) causes Bird’s Eye Maple so it is not a separate wood. The patterns are visually appealing as they remind you of swirling birds’ eyes. It could easily be mistaken for a burl if it wasn’t for the absence of the knots that are common in burlwood.

It is a native of the North Eastern part of North America and is distinctive because of the swirling bird eyes that appear a centimeter apart from each other and measure about 3 to 5 mm across. It has a very porous texture and is extremely light in color. The gloss finish and the delicate nature of the Bird’s Eye Maple veneer makes it extremely attractive for creating jewelry boxes.

The divergent patterns make it quite difficult to work with the Bird’s Eye Maple as cutting and carving can be quite tiresome. The newer user friendly machines practically saved it from disappearing completely from the scene; so it can be said that it was only the major advances in technology that saved the Bird’s Eye Maple. It is said that there was a time when, out of sheer frustration, carpenters consigned the Bird’s Eye Maple to the flames as firewood as they just could not tame it with their tools!Now, exquisite marquetry is done using this amazingly attractive wood to give the wooden jewelry box an edge over the rest.

It looks really elegant and gives the box an air of unparalleled sophistication. So, if you are looking for a jewelry box for your jewelry, you just cannot go wrong with a box that is embellished with marquetry with Birds Eye Maple. It just might turn out to be more attractive than your jewelry!

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