Tungsten Carbide Rings For Ladies

October 10th, 2010 by wys

In case you are planning to get married anytime soon then you should very carefully read this article. The latest and most stylish bands that are available these days are tungsten. More and more people now prefer buying tungsten bands because of multiple reasons. One of the main reasons why people are switching from traditional jewelry (at the time of Wedding/engagement) to a tungsten engagement ring is the fact that this metal is extremely strong and it can withstand the test of time and that too with ease. It is therefore not surprising to know that it is much stronger than titanium. Tungsten bands are made from the chemical compound of tungsten and carbide. Since these rings are very durable hence people now prefer this over traditional jewelry. The second most important reason why people prefer wearing tungsten bands is the ability of the metal not to loose its shine, polish and sheen.

Popular settings for tungsten engagement rings include a burnished diamond trio and a burnished eternity setting. Polished tungsten wedding bands: Polished tungsten rings are vibrant and completely scratch resistant. Polished tungsten is the most popular finish for men and now women can have matching bands better suited for them. The majority of tungsten carbide ring companies standardize their widths at a 6mm and 8mm width. However there are a few companies that start at a 4mm and even fewer companies that start at a 2mm width. Thin widths such as the 2mm accommodate a women wearing bands in other metals such as gold, platinum and silver. A thin width will not show the color difference of the metals as prominently as a wider width ring would. Colored tungsten rings: Tungsten bands not only come in the grey, lustrous metal, but also in black and gold.

Black and gold colored tungsten wedding bands are plated with a thin layer of zirconium. Zirconium is a unique metal that is very similar to titanium in terms of strength and durability. Colored tungsten bands as unique as they may be are primarily for fashion only. Over time the coloring will begin to fade and scratch revealing the under coating metal. Many companies will cover this under their warranty. Whatever individual tastes and styles a person has there is sure to be a tungsten diamond engagement ring or fashion ring that they will be happy with. Many companies display couples rings to make shopping more enjoyable. If a customer still doesn’t see what they are looking for many companies will design a ring based on personal designs. A one of a kind ring style will truly show commitment and admiration.

Tungsten wedding bands are a perfect fit for men. They are extremely durable and keep their shine much longer than other metal rings. Tungsten rings are very practical for men. Most tungsten rings are made with tungsten carbide. It is mainly a mixture of tungsten and carbon. The Tungsten, carbon and other elements are ground into a powder. In this state it can be pressed and formed into shapes, including rings.

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