Tips To Carry Off That Jewelry With A Little Flamboyance

December 18th, 2009 by wys

The fashion for showing off glittering and glamorous adornments is extremely commonplace. celebrity jewelry is a clever way to show off the ‘bling’ without breaking the bank and costs less than real gems. These types of goods are available at wholesale jewelry outlets, and some will go to the extent of buying up lots of pieces such as diamond promise ring or other styles of rings or necklaces.

Of course, these stones are more reasonably priced than the real thing. Although they look all the same, they are made up from different materials like acrylic, glass or the beautiful crystals that can be found in many places. Sometimes people will try to pass these off as real gemstones, but those who know about precious gems would not really be fooled. That does not mean that they are a cheap alternative though. Some beautiful creations can be quite stunning and many would surely love to own some of these works of art.

Those who know how to dress know that nothing looks more chic on a smart evening dress than a beautifully crafted adornment in the form of a necklace or bracelet. Even earrings come in styles to match bracelets and glitter very nicely, depending on the light source. But the general idea is not to wear too much at the same time which will spoil the effect.

Many women, overdress a very elegant dress to show the world their expensive jewelry. However, the saying that ‘less is more’, is the maxim that should be followed. A lovely pendant style necklace does not need anything that will take away from its beauty. Likewise, drop earrings, in a large design, will not look good if other large pieces are worn at the same time. The idea is to wear something so pretty in that one perfect piece for the spectator to admire.

For brides to be, the first choice is normally the ubiquitious tiara to make her look like a princess for the day. Even stones are fashioned into very pretty hair pins to adorn the head, particularly when the bride has dark hair to show up the pin. Bridesmaids also look good if they are given matching pieces that accentuate the choice of the bride.

These kinds of adornments can also be worn in the boudoir too! Necklaces in the shapes of a tie, bras made completely of these stones and other kinds of intimate apparel are available for the woman who wants to make an impression. Even G-strings and thongs are stone encrusted, but one would wonder if they irritate just a bit! Well, supposedly they are not meant to be worn for very long but they will certainly excite the onlooker! But how exciting that these sparkling stones have found their way into the private lives of many!

Rings made with these stones are a great for dressing up evening outfits. Dress rings look wonderful on well manicured hands and make great presents for special occasions. For those with larger hands, some of these rings have the broken ring style fittings, to make sure that they do not rub or irritate the fingers. These are usually called ‘one size fits all’ and many would love to receive one.

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