Tips on Selecting Memorable Wedding Jewellery

February 4th, 2010 by wys

In the UK, hand made wedding jewellery has become increasingly popular thorough the last several years. One reason is because wedding jewellery plays an important part in enhancing the overall appearance of the bride. When it comes time for the bride to select jewellery for the wedding, let Carrie Yeo assist you with choosing the style of jewellery that will match with the style of your wedding. Our boutique is based in London and offers brides some excellent options to make their day special.

Find The Best UK Wedding Jewellery

Marriage is a treasured celebration for all brides. Any bride will tell you they want this moment to last forever, as it symbolizes a turning point in their lives. That said, lots of UK brides decide to adorn themselves in UK Wedding Jewellery. Brides who decide on lovely jewellery for the wedding will be pleased with the many choices to look into.

First Things First: The Headpiece

Headpieces are a nice option for brides who want something to go with their gowns. A wedding tiara is a common headpiece. A well-liked designer option would be the Audley Tiara. It offers a refreshing piece to go with most gowns because of its combination of freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals. A headband is one more frequently worn head piece. One such headband is a beautiful piece crafted with grey, beaded flowers known as the Beaded Flower Alice Band. The Cherry Blossom Headband makes a nice selection as well.

An Array of Other Accessories

Bridal accessories don’t end with headpieces – one can also take advantage of the assortment of combs and brooches throughout the UK. Brides who like the idea of a bouquet should consider the Classic Bouquet comprised of Swarovski crystals, along with freshwater pearls and tiny glass beads. There are also many wedding necklaces that might get a bride’s attention. The Bouquet Necklace, Astor Flower Necklace, and Lucia Bead Necklace are styles which make use of Swarovski crystals to a large extent. In addition, the Lucia Bead Necklace projects a sort of glow, due in large part to the way the crystals and Opalite beads catch the light.

Popular Earrings

Earrings are a normal bridal accessory. Among optional selections for brides are gold wedding jewellery pieces such as Crowning Glory Earrings. Many brides also may find Aubrey Champagne Earrings to be a terrific alternative. These earrings are made with champagne-coloured crystals and freshwater pearl beads. Bridesmaids may also choose Eternity Earrings. The earrings can be coordinated around either a theme or colour chart with many options.

On such a special day, you want everything to be just perfect. The suggestions found here will ensure you buy UK Wedding Jewellery sure to take everyone’s breath away.

Suggestions Concerning the Selection of Wedding Jewellery

Your bridal jewellery can be selected to match the colour and style of your wedding gown. Give consideration to the embellishments that are on your gown as well as the gown’s neckline. If your gown contains crystals, pearls, or rhinestones choose those stones as your bridal jewellery for both you and your bridesmaid. As a guideline remember that a simpler style gown is best worn with more decorative jewellery. A more embellished gown works best with plain jewellery. Strapless gowns look good with either style of jewellery.

Selecting the right UK wedding jewellery plays a vital role in how you look on that special day. Let us help you look your best - call us on 0203 164 3648.

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