There Are So Many Unique Options Beyond Gold and Silver Rings

March 21st, 2011 by wys

Choosing the perfect ring can be overwhelming. Chances are you’re searching for something unique whatever the occasion or reason for the purchase. The first step is to open up the possibilities to styles beyond the typical simple precious metals of platinum, gold and silver? Mokume Gane Rings are a striking choice that will separate your ring from all of the others out there.

Makume-gane has a storied history, rooted in 17th century Japanese weaponry. Historically used to create elaborate detail on swords, craftsman expanded into jewelry when the demand for ornamental weaponry declined. Mokume Gane can involve a variety of metals including platinum, gold, silver, titanium bronze and brass. The look is one of absolute elegance, with undulating layered patterns creating a textured look. The mesmerizing looks results from metals combining without a complete melting.

For something with an appearance slightly more traditional, you should consider the remarkable look of Damascus Rings. A diffusion bonding of 304L and 316L stainless steel creates a unique look that is absolutely corrosion-resistant. A high-quality Damascus ring takes several weeks to create, a labor-intensive process that produces an exceptional piece of craftsmanship. Damascus rings are a fantastic choice for those who desire the handsome look of steel, with an appearance that is just a cut above.

Another unique metal to consider for your ring is meteorite. Meteorite rings are made when skilled artisans form solid pieces of nickel iron meteorite into rings. It is the high percentage of nickel in the meteoric iron that gives it its special look and quality.

Rings and jewelry created from meteorite can be a wonderful conversation starter. People are always interested to hear about something made from materials “out of this world.”r There is something inherently interesting about a precious metal that doesn’t originate on earth.

Choosing the perfect ring can be stressful, but it certainly need not be. Selecting one of these styles will ensure your gift will be unique. Whether you choose the undulating patterns of the Makume-gane ring, the handsome look of Damascus steel, or the exotic appearance of a meteorite ring, you can’t go wrong with one of these unique choices.

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