The Worlds Greatest Golden Jewelry Wedding Bands

July 2nd, 2009 by wys

Yep , gold jewelry is surely intended to last for years ahead, ‘cept most people do not even know how to make them last a few years. I really feel a little bit pissed off whenever I see completely nice jewelry wedding bands end up looking|bands finish|looking} like crap.

I sure do not need my wedding band to go bad on me, so this is what I do to make it last a whole life :

First, I make certain not to wear my band all the time. Yeah, yeah it’s a sign of fidelity and all that but the issue is I can be wearing it out in no time at all if I wear it 24/7. The consistent wear and tear of moving my hands around will take a heavy toll on the band. And since this piece isn’t cheap, I sure as hell don’t want to plunk down another cool thousand $ for another band.

Next, I clean my band with a soft-bristle toothbrush and a tiny dishwashing soap. It’s a pretty efficient way of cleaning jewelry wedding bands, even if it sounds a bit primitive. Just make sure to stick to the milder dishwashing soaps, as the tricky ones with bleach and all that might possibly discolor the gold. An even worse situation would be the stones and joints coming loose thanks to the tough chemicals.

And finally, I wrap my band in some tissue paper and stick it in an isolated compartment. The tissue helps stop nicks and scratches from forming, although it also helps absorb any leftover moisture in the process. Jewelry wedding bands hate water, as it often loosens the joints in the band.

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