The Union of Jewelry Boxes For Women and Memorable Films

September 1st, 2011 by wys

There has been a long history between jewelry boxes for women and Hollywood films. Jewelry boxes have often been used as a focal point in many Hollywood films.

How often have you seen a scene where someone lifts the lid, the music starts playing and the camera focuses on the tiny ballerina continuously spinning, giving you a feeling of foreboding and even fear?
More often than not, jewelry boxes in these films hold the clues to a little girl who’s been missing or they stir childhood memories of a grown woman. Sometimes it is the only bond left between a young girl and her mother who is gone. Whatever they symbolize, jewelry boxes in movies are more than just a prop. There is a mystery behind them.

One unforgettable film, which had a musical box, is the ‘Black Swan’, where Natalie Portman got the Oscar nod for her role as Nina, the frail and deeply disturbed prima ballerina. She would go to bed each night with all her stuffed toys while she gently stares at the ballerina spinning to the tune of Swan Lake. Scenes like these evoke an eerie feeling that is quite disturbing.

What Lies Beneath’ which starred Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford was one of the scariest movies I have seen that featured a jewelry box. When a jewelry box is discovered by Claire, Pfeiffer’s character, at the lake at the back of their house, it leads her to solve the puzzle of the death/murder of the person whose ghost has been constantly appearing before her. It may appear that most movies that feature jewelry boxes are suspense films or psychological thrillers.

But there are others that have used these boxes as well. The Pirates of the Caribbean’ and its sequels with Johnny Depp have used treasure chests and various kinds of jewelry boxes. Jewelry boxes have a certain appeal that some movies are cashing in on them selling them as movie merchandise.

The very successful ‘Twilight’ series has been manufacturing Twilight Jewelry Boxes featuring Bella’s and Edward’s image on the outside of the box. On the inside, you can see the Cullen crest and hear “Bella’s Lullaby” playing.

Jewelry boxes are most likely to become heirlooms to be passed on to the next generations. They hold both happy memories and deep secrets. They are a symbol of something more than just the items inside, whether in real life or just in the movies.

If you save and keep certain items that have been given by people who mean the most to you, the box can be a celebration of love. Or it can be a reflection of your childhood. The box is a part of you. Just looking at it, a jewelry box may look like a storage container for all your prized possessions.

But just as in the movies, if you search further, you will find a deeper meaning behind the box which stands for the life choices you have made thus far.

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