The Symbolic Meaning of a Wedding under the Sign of Pisces

April 3rd, 2010 by wys

Whenever the most primitive people gazed up into the night sky and wondered about the brilliant lights, they wanted to give connotation to what they were seeing. From such primitive notions arose the zodiac signs, a set of legendary and indicative signs that are thought to preside over human attributes and conduct. When your wedding falls between February 19 and March 20, it comes under the sign of Pisces.

Wedding Jewellery UK - About the Zodiacal Sign Pisces

The sign Pisces is typically symbolized by two fishes. In Greek folklore, the tale depicts that a monster referred to as Typhon was seeking after the goddess Aphrodite and also her son Eros. To escape him, they leapt into the water, changed themselves into fishes and swam safely away. While they were swimming, they bound their tails together in order to keep up with one another. Later, they were saved by the other fishes and eventually were placed in the sky to remember the day in which Aphrodite, named the goddess of beauty, and Eros, the god of love, were rescued from annihilation.

Wedding Jewellery UK - Other Facts about Pisces

Water is the element of Pisces. Water is a strange and impulsive element which could be pure and limpid or murky and mystifying. Water that is contained in a vessel, pool or fountain, to illustrate, can be useful to man. Water held inside anything, such as in a flood or a saturating down pouring rain, can be quite harmful.
Water also is changeable. It can be a liquid, solid or gas and due to this fact, can be noticed as signifying change. Many folks think water deep set, unidentified factors of the human psyche. Pisces’ is under Neptune’s control, god of the sea. Neptune is visualized carrying a trident, which resembles a 3-pronged pitchfork. Every prong of the trident has a figurative denotation which is in turn tri-fold. The first prong symbolises birth, life and demise. The second prong is symbolic of body, psyche and soul. The third prong implicates past, present and future. Those who are married under Pisces have a dominant mystic realm and kinship that oftentimes aims towards higher goals. Such people are empathic, self-sacrificing and considerate and possess a strong insight which enables them to see harmony in everything. Pisces partners are also very open and responsive – perhaps even extrasensory. Their connection is a phase which persistently regenerates itself.

Wedding Jewellery UK - Jewellery for a Wedding Under the Sign of Pisces

Pearls are the striking and exceptional gems of the sea. As a complement to your Pisces wedding, select a full jewellery ensemble that features affordable freshwater pearls. Whether it’s a dramatic pearl tiara or maybe a demure single pearl pendant, you will certainly be staying with the wedding’s theme by using pearls. To achieve a really graceful style, try pearls which are blended with other stones like glimmering Swarovski crystals or gleaming opalescent glass beads.

Whenever you underscore your wedding ceremony which takes place under the sign of Pisces by implementing pearls, an unusual and treasured gift right out of the sea, you will definitely be in sync with your water theme.

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