The Representations of Heraldry: Thoughts for a Victorian Themed Wedding

April 20th, 2010 by wys

Queen Victoria reigned over England from 1837 to 1901. Her leadership was characterised by transformation in practically every element of life and customs. The public was growing and relocating. Scientific, medical and technological innovations greatly and rapidly enhanced the value of existence. It was an age full of optimism and trust that ended in prosperity that stemmed from an economic increase. The origins of the Protestant work mentality and household values lie within the Victorian era. Additionally , it would be a passionate time when couples spoke to one another in the language of flowers and also when intricate marriages were the guideline.

Bridal Jewellery - About the Victorian Wedding Design

Be certain your Victorian wedding offers an abundance of flowers. Pick a location that’s full of significance. The Victorians were a emotional group, therefore a scale of nostalgia is completely suitable. For an outdoor marriage ceremony, a garden climate like a botanical garden full of flowers would be perfect. The Victorians also loved fountains and sculpture, so if the garden you pick out comes with them, an further dimension of significance is going to be added in. For any small wedding ceremony, choose a tea party in a friend’s or relative’s flawlessly tended garden or yard. One more excellent location can be a Victorian ballroom or mansion. When selecting a colour scheme for your personal Victorian themed marriage ceremony, go for greens, pinks or gold. Other colours favoured by the Victorians can include radiant jewel tones including burgundy as well as emerald green. To add even more significance, pick out flowers and greenery with profound symbolic significance. One strategy to find out those meanings would be to find out about heraldry.

Bridal Jewellery - About Heraldic Representations of Trees and Fruits

As part of heraldry, the olive branch is a customary token of concordance and tranquillity. The acacia branch represents endless and affectionate remembrance. Poplar leaves indicate hope and joy — excellent feelings for a newly wedded couple. Oak trees and acorns possess a wide variety of remarkable meanings. Both the acorn as well as oak tree mean strength. An oak tree depicted with acorns represents growth and fertility. An oak sheaf signifies the harvest of one’s desires has taken place. The apple is a heraldic token of felicity and also tranquillity, similar to berries. The pomegranate fruit is a symbol of fertility and abundance.

Bridal Jewellery - Bracelet Concepts for your Victorian Themed Wedding

One lovely bracelet to think about spotlights luminous round ivory pearls. Regardless of whether you pick out normal freshwater pearls or amazing glass Swarovski man-made pearls, which are a little darker in colour, your bracelet is going to be an utter stand out. A sterling silver clasp and extender chain finishes the look and feel. You also could need to think about an illusion bracelet that just appears to float on your wrist. This kind of bracelet offers ivory Swarovski pearls and sparkling Swarovski crystals which are randomly spread on a few strands of virtually invisible illusion thread. Featuring a clasp made of sterling silver, the bracelet also features an extender chain which terminates with an alluring Swarovski crystal heart.

Your Victorian wedding is going to be even more romantic and meaningful when you contain some heraldic icons of trees and fruits.

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