The Reasons Why Palladium is Such a Terrific Option For Fine Jewelry

July 20th, 2011 by wys

Though palladium jewelry has not yet become as well known as other types of fine accessories, there are many reasons why most observers expect that it soon will. Despite the fact that gold and silver and other fine metals have dominated the markets for many years, there is every reason to believe that this silver and white colored metal will soon take its place in the world of fine rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Like platinum and white gold

One of the main attributes of this is its close relationship to platinum. It shares the same light color as platinum and white gold, as well as the overall metal purity and luster that those two popular metals provide. As such, it is now recognized as being comparable in quality.

Less weight, more adaptability

In addition to its beauty, however, the substance is also as much as forty percent lighter than its peers. This is a huge advantage for every jewelry crafting professional, since the lighter metal enables the use of larger and heavier stones in ring settings.


Unlike white gold, which is notoriously easy to tarnish, this particular metal is extremely durable. As a result, jewelers are freer to make complete ring bands with the band and setting both composed of the same metal. Obviously, this enables a greater degree of consistency in the ring. Palladium also has the benefit of being nickel-free, thus enabling its wearers to avoid that common allergen. The result is the increasing sales of palladium wedding rings

Save money

And then there is the cost. Both platinum and white gold are costly metals. This metal is less expensive than platinum, but that may change as demand increases. However, most experts anticipate that the cost of the metal should still remain below platinum for quite some time.

It is obvious that this is one of those rare metals that has something for everyone. It is beautiful and durable, while also being affordable and safe. These factors, along with the evolving tastes of the buying public, should help to ensure that palladium jewelry items become even more popular among the buying public.

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