The Large Jewelry Box: A Woman’s Wish Come True

April 30th, 2011 by wys

Have you ever wished that you could put away all your jewelry in a single place and yet neatly arranged? Don’t you wish you could easily access the right jewelry set that complements your outfit? The big jewelry box is the answer to these questions.

The different sizes and shapes of tall jewelry boxes make it easy for you to arrange all your delicate and chunky pieces of jewelry. Some boxes have sufficient space to store even your contact lenses, brooches, and hair accessories. It is definitely simpler and cheaper to select a ready made box rather than customize one according to your requirements.

When you buy a large jewelry box, make sure it has

  • at least 4 separate ‘lift-out’ trays each with ring and earring cushions
  • several drawers
  • a beveled glass mirror inset on the inside of the lid
  • side panels that can be opened with several hooks for necklaces and velvet or satin pouches to hold the lower half of the chains and necklaces to prevent swinging each time the panel is opened
  • a drawer specifically designed for bangles
  • several detachable dividers that can separate a drawer into compartments of different sizes to store hair accessories etc.

There are several different types and sizes of big sized jewelry boxes. Tall and slender jewelry boxes with Queen Anne legs are extremely popular because of their antiquated look. This type of jewelry box makes an attractive corner furniture piece. Put a flower vase on to the flat top of the jewelry box to give a new look to the room. An hourglass shaped jewelry box with dark mahogany, cherry, or espresso finish and several felt or velvet lined drawers is quite popular. The pulls or knobs are made with pewter or other metals. Chains and necklaces can be hung on hooks inside both the side panels.

Then, there are the large boxes that stand on flatter feet. Although these are elevated only slightly, they have quite a few drawers. Each drawer is designed for either rings, earrings, or bangles. There are also boxes designed to look like tall dressing tables with a flat top and a mirror mounted on it. And boxes which look like a chest of drawers or a desk.

Durable wood composite and veneer are used to make most jewelry boxes. Veneer and burlwood of exotic wood like bubinga or rosewood, and also of oak, maple, birch, and cherry, are favoured by jewelry box makers. This guarantees full use of the wood and also reduces the cost of the jewelry box.

Imagine being able to store all your jewelry neatly in an organized manner! A good jewelry box is one that has sufficient drawers with specially designed compartments for rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, chains, and other important accessories like expensive hair clips and brooches. In fact, a box that can help you store your jewelry as a set would be your best bet. When you are ready to go out, you just need to open your jewelry box and you will find your perfectly coordinated jewelry set without any fuss!

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