The Ideal Gift for Ladies: Round Diamond Stud Earrings

November 6th, 2009 by wys

There truly are so many types of jewelry with which a very fashionable lady is able to accessorize, and Diamond Stud Earrings are always a great choice to start with putting together your completed and pulled together lovely outfit. When a person in interested in looking to purchase new earrings the most well known earrings are the diamond stud earrings. Diamonds in fact are known for their great sparkle and brilliance, and we have all heard the sayings diamonds are forever and diamonds are a girl’s best friend! The diamond stud earrings are popular gift jewelry because of the shine it gives off is unmatched by any other gemstone! Due to the fact a diamond represents endless love it is very popular in all sorts of different jewelry, earrings rings or necklaces.

A diamond is well known for its purity and having great value. A diamond can in fact range in price due to its size. Some women think the bigger the better but that truly does not matter! The diamond stud earrings are impeccable in any size! Round diamond stud earrings are simple enough to be worn on an every day basis but are classy as well to be worn when a person wants to dress up! The round diamond stud earrings are quite useful when wanting to dress up any outfit! Round Diamond Stud Earrings are a classic and traditional choice, while Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings are still elegant but a little more offbeat and interesting for ladies with more artistic or unconventional tastes.

Diamonds are extremely hard, in fact they are the hardest substance existing on Earth, and because of that they are used to cut and wear away other substances and used for industrial purposes in drills, saws, and engraving tools. The industrial and jewelry purposes for diamonds created a great demand for the stone and prompted a demand for imitations. These imitations have subtle differences, but many people cannot spot them out. Cubic zirconia and crystal are two imitations of diamonds and are popular in jewelry. But of course the most popular are the actual diamonds specifically very popular in the diamond stud earrings. The brilliant sparkle a round diamond stud earring gives off appeals to many women. When dealing with imitations cubic zirconias are in fact more reflective than glass or crystal so they sparkle like a diamond. Most people cannot tell the difference between the two. Only jewelers and people who are accustomed to dealing with jewelry would be able to tell the difference.

The majority of diamonds have flaws and on the flip side CZ’s are optically flawless and are colorless. A CZ earring is not as hard as a diamond stud earring but weighs more. The weight between CZ and diamonds are the most significant difference! Diamond stud earrings are the perfect item to buy when a lady wants to purchase some beautiful and long lasting new earrings! The flawless diamond can last a lifetime if taken care of right! Diamond stud earrings can compliment any women and touch up any outfit!

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