The History of The Diamond Engagement Ring and How Men Purchase Them For Their Future Brides

November 7th, 2009 by wys

When a lot of people consider a diamond ring, they think of a diamond engagement ring as they appear to both usually mean the same thing. The diamond ring has not always been the official kind of ring to use when proposing to your girlfriend , however. From the 1920’s to the early 1940’s platinum rings were what many people used to use for a marriage proposal . When World War II began, platinum became almost impossible to find and in 1947 a jeweler named deBeers came up with the catchy slogan of a “Diamond is Forever”. This began the tradition of using a nice diamond solitaire ring as the marriage proposal ring and it has basically stuck ever since in addition to the slogan too .

The first method for a gentleman to acquire a diamond ring to gotten one from an older family member or in an inheritance. A lot of people love the sentimental meaning behind having a ring that was worn by their grandmother to give to their future bride . Some people keep the ring just as it is while others take out the diamond and have it reset in a ring that better suits their style . Whatever way they get it though, it is a memorable piece of family history that can continue on for the new generation. It also can save the future groom a significant amount of money too .

A traditional way to buy a diamond ring for your future wife is to go to the jewelry store or stores in your community to find that one of a kind ring. This may provide you with the personal assistance that you may need in addition to a lesson in the different kinds of diamonds that are for sale . There are many different cuts of diamonds in addition to levels of the diamond also . Each diamond is different in its color and the clarity so having a reputable jeweler show you the difference and educate you in diamonds will be helpful if you know nothing about diamonds.

Like almost every other thing that was once only sold in retail shops , jewelry can now be purchased online through the internet too . This is good for the man who wants to find the best bargain on the diamond engagement ring. Before making such a huge and expensive purchase from a website, make certain they have a good reputation and are a member of the better business bureau prior to doing business with them. Purchasing the engagement ring online may be able to get you a much nicer less than if you were to shop at a traditional store.

The last option may be to have your girlfriend pick out her own ring or perhaps even make your own ring if the bride does not care for diamonds. The cjices are as endless as the women are and they are usually thrilled with the proposal and ring because it is coming from the person that they adore .

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