The Exquisite Jewelry Box: The Best Gift For All Occasions

April 20th, 2011 by wys

Do you know how to select a good handmade jewelry box? It can be easy to select the perfect jewelry box once you know what you need it for and how much you have set aside for it.

It is crucial that you are aware of the different varieties of wood that are used in making jewelry boxes. The jewelry boxes that are created with exotic wood from other countries is markedly costlier than the ones made with local wood. Cherry, White Ash, Birch, Mahogany, Koa, Maple, and Walnut are favored locally. The really expensive jewelry boxes are those made of sandalwood, ebony, kingwood, rose wood, jatoba (Brazilian cherry wood), padauk, wenge, bocote (similar to cocobolo), olive wood, bloodwood, and lace wood, which are brought in from other countries.

The type and quality of the wood, and the craftsmanship usually determine the price of a perfectly carved handmade jewelry box. If the box is embellished with elaborate inlays, etchings, or brass work, the price is bound to go up. Some of the most expensive jewelry boxes are those with mother of pearl inlays in Korean hardwood. And boxes made of Kauki, a very rare and exotic wood, can also cost a bomb.

Jewelry boxes are made in different sizes and shapes. Whether you should go in for a heart shaped box or rectangular or square box, depends on what it will eventually store and the occasion. An ideal gift for Valentine’s Day would be a heart-shaped jewelry box. And for more austere occasions like bar mitsvahs, baptisms, or graduations, a box with sharp edges would be good.

A musical jewelry box with a ballerina on the top would be the best gift for little girls. And if it is lined with pink satin or velvet, it would definitely be well received!

The sort of jewelry box you should buy depends on what it will be used for. Go in for a tall jewelry box with trays if the jewelry is large or chunky to prevent necklaces from getting tangled. A box with doors and lots of hooks will keep dainty chains safe and untangled.

Get a jewelry box with several doors with hooks to store gold chains. Rings can go into separate slots while necklaces are to be placed in drawers. A ‘valet box’ acts as a man’s jewelry box with several dividers and drawers to store keys, tie pins, watches, rings, cuff links, etc.

If your dresser is rather low, go for a tall jewelry box and for a flat one if your dresser is fairly high. It is good to match the box with the rest of the decor. It will be a bit more expensive, but customising the jewelry box to match the decor is worth the money spent on it. Get two or three matching boxes if one is not enough to store the jewelry.

Always check that the wood has a smooth clean finish and is not chipped anywhere. Ensure there are no bubbles if the box has a lacquered finish. Velvet or satin make the best linings for jewelry boxes.

In brief, look for the type and quality of wood, durability, the materials used for inlays and other embellishments, the finish, and remember to buy one that will suit the requirements and one that blends with the rest of the room’s furniture.

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