The Emblems of Heraldry: Ideas for an Elizabethan Designed Wedding

October 13th, 2010 by wys

Numerous brides nowadays are deciding to put on a styled marriage ceremony. Rather than just a normal stroll down the aisle, contemporary brides are designing elegant styled wedding ceremonies full of connotation and showy splendour. An excellent model of this is an Elizabethan styled marriage ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth ruled England from 1558 to 1603. By all accounts, this was a golden age that included the performs of William Shakespeare, the circumnavigation on the globe by Sir Francis Drake plus the initial attempt at a settlement in the New Country, the colony at Roanoke Island. The period was a time of relative tranquillity in England.

Wedding Earrings - Concerning the Elizabethan Wedding Theme

Marriage ceremonies in Elizabethan times were lush and splendid, containing an abundance of dinning and music. The bride put on her best gown. At this time, the colour of the gown was irrelevant. Most brides also wore lengthy, graceful cloaks. Pick out a gown made from satin or velvet in a vibrant colour like red, green or blue. This gown ought to contain a deep neckline. Ornament both your hair and gown in flowers. The groom also put on his best clothing, which contained breeches, doublet, pleated neck ruff, hose, cod piece, cloak and boots. Men’s clothing colours were likened to women’s. For an added breadth of importance, integrate some heraldic emblems in your marriage ceremony.

Wedding Earrings - Concerning Heraldic Emblems of Ocean and Fish

During an era when discovery was bursting out all throughout Europe, particularly in England and Spain, using emblems of the ocean and its denizens would be especially suitable. A ship is a representation of a voyage or journey, just like the one you and your husband begin on your wedding day. A scallop shell represents travel to distant places. Who knows exactly where your affection will send you! A lighthouse signifies alertness and an anchor signifies wishes. Be positive to incorporate dolphins, as they symbolise diligence, affection and assistance. Fish, basically, symbolize the notion of a genuine and charitable mind. As for Christians, there is the additional sign of spiritual growth. The sea lion characterizes valour and also a mermaid symbolises eloquence. At last, the simple seahorse characterizes the power of the water and, for you, the power of love!

Wedding Earrings - Earring Tips for Your Elizabethan Style Marriage Ceremony

Preside over your marriage ceremony feast in style by obtaining a pair of ornate sterling silver chandelier earrings. Full of glamour and shine, these earrings are designed with droplets of luminous ivory pearls and glistening transparent Swarovski crystals. Depending on your hair style, you should choose either a sterling silver fish hook fitting or a stud. Another design starts with a reserved pearl stud to which an elective droplet is fixed. The droplets are lengths of sterling silver chain terminated with yet another attractive pearl. Numerous brides adorn themselves in butterflies on their marriage ceremony day as being a symbol of renewal and transformation. An amazing butterfly earring has clear Swarovski crystal butterflies as well as round ivory pearls and transparent Swarovski crystals in a branched suspension on a fish hook fitting.

The suitable jewellery will help you appear and really feel like a queen at your Elizabethan styled wedding.

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