The Dazzle Of The Blue Topaz

May 20th, 2010 by wys

The birthstone for the month of Nov, and the official stone for the ‘Lone Star’ state of Texas, Topaz is the most up to date and generally used precious stone today. It’s a natural stone that comes in a selection of different shades, including blue, amber, red, pink, orange, beige, brown and clear. Though not its most everyday natural color, blue topaz is its most popular shade.

Arecently discovered radiation process that permits one to paint clear topaz different shades of blue has let for the established use and acceptance of blue topaz. Blue topaz is the birthstone for December. There had been a trend in jewelry to apply certain impurities, for instance titanium oxide, to the stone surface, giving it a nearly emerald green color.

Though blue topaz and these newer green colors of the stone are the hottest, itis the red and orange shades of topaz that are the most rare and most valuable. It’s commonest natural color is yellow, and for a long while in the Middle Ages topaz was simply the name for any yellowish gem. In traditional Egypt, topaz was thought to contain the glow and power of ‘Ra’ the god of the sun, and any jewelry made with the stone was thought to convey divine protection on its wearer. The Romans had an identical belief, associating the gemstone with their own sun god ‘Jupiter’. Before them, conventional Greeks thought the stone could imbue its owner with great strength, and make him invisible during periods of danger. Many people today still think that the stone holds spellbinding powers,eg the power to heal asthma, cure poisons, correct for poor vision and ease sleeplessness.

Topaz has had extra powers connected with it thru history than any other precious stone. The name topaz comes from the Greek work ‘topazos’, that implies ‘to seek’. Topazos was an island underwater Sea that was very difficult to find and contained a valuable source of minerals mined in traditional times. The yellowish stones mined from Topazos are now made a claim to be a different mineral than topaz. The gem itself is a clear silicate of the elements aluminium and fluorine.

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