The Benefits of Getting a Small Jewelry Box

April 29th, 2011 by wys

Have you always wanted a jewelry armoire but resisted buying one because you don’t have sufficient space to keep it? The mini jewelry box offers the perfect solution to store all your small and dainty pieces of jewelry.

There are several small, but exquisitely created, wooden boxes that are ideal for display on top of your dresser as well as for travel. It can easily enhance your existing furniture with its charming exterior. A box carved out of cherry, burlwood maple, or mahogany will match any decor.

If you are the traditional sort and like an ethnic look, go for any jewelry box from the Orient to give your room a vintage aura. And any European antique box, or even a replica, would look great on your dresser if you are trying to achieve a Victorian ambience.

A small box is also convenient to carry your jewelry with you on your journey. It offers easy accessibility, less messy, and more organized storage for your jewelry. Although many people prefer fabric jewelry pouches for travel, carrying a wooden jewelry box is like taking a favorite piece of your home with you.

Small jewelry boxes make great gifts for all occasions. A heart-shaped small velvet covered jewelry box with satin lining, is a huge hit as a gift for an anniversary or for Valentine’s Day. It can also be used to safely store family heirlooms. For little girls, the best gift is a musical jewelry box.

Jewelry stores package their jewelry in small customised intricately carved wooden boxes with their name and logo engraved on the lids. This provides not just an easy way of storing the new jewelry but also acts a reminder to the customer of the store and encourages future visits.

Both men and women enjoy collecting small jewelry boxes from far off countries as a hobby. The small hand-carved wooden boxes reminds us of erstwhile royal families, and rare and precious jewels. A lot of these boxes are not used to store jewelry but as elaborately ornate showcase items meant to act as conversation pieces at cocktail parties.

If you just need to store your chains and necklaces, you could buy a small jewelry box with a satin or velvet lining and a number of compartments with hooks to hold the jewelry. And if you have several rings, you could opt for a square or rectangle shaped jewelry box lined with some smooth silky fabric and many rows to hold the rings.

Or maybe you should buy a miniature jewelry armoire, which will give you maximum storage options in the least space, with many drawers, compartments, trays, and doors with hooks.

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