Sparkling Of Only Custom Jewelry

August 24th, 2009 by wys

There has always been a fascination with jewelry. Not just in American society, but throughout time, across the globe. Ancient civilizations offered jewelry as one of the highest gifts to their gods. In Chinese and Anglo-Saxon fables, dragons, the most feared of beasts, hoarded jewelry by the mountains, coveting the riches above all else. And for generations up to now, families have passed down beloved heirlooms of brooches, pendants, and even tiaras. Jewelry will always be an omen of great times in history, big and small. It is the object of a proposal and the traditional gift to celebrate a birth or mourn a death. There is no doubt that jewelry holds significance with human nature. The obsession with anything that glints, shines, or glitters has always captivated the human eye. And yet, in this day and age, when the economy suffers, and gifts are becoming more humble, presents like Custom jewelry are falling into a rare category of the less seen. And yet, the promise and hope that jewelry brings, the timelessness of an individual gift or keepsake, cannot be forgotten.

Custom-made jewelry will find itself one way or another into a person’s life, either through celebration or remembrance. Whether it be Engraved rings exchanged on the wedding day of a bride and groom, or perhaps a pendant with a lover’s initials carved into the back of it and passed down for generations. There is something special about having a specific piece of jewelry that only you have. It could be because jewelry, so often made of diamond or gold, lasts for so long. To have your name engraved in the band of a ring, or a diamond necklace shaped just for you, with the jewelry comes a sense of duration. When the memories become less clear, and the photographs lose their color, jewelry will stand in stone and metal as a reminder of the story around it.

Of course there is speculation about what makes any trinket special. How can Custom wedding ring sum up the feelings of love between husband and wife through the years? How can an object, something physical, be worth more than rare emotions? And the truth is, a picture is worth a thousand words, a piece of jewelry can last a lifetime, but love is timeless, priceless and forever growing. Jewelry is simply one way to show you care, but not the only way. It is a physical memorial to a time in history or a single moment that will always have a physical, glinting representation, either hanging on a chain close to a person’s heart, on the finger, or kept safe in a felt chest.

Custom jewelry is a gift, like any flower, picture, or rock from a riverbed. No one is to say a piece of jewelry is more special than a flower, because the meaning and history behind either object determines its value.

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