Some Simple Pointers for Shopping for a Tungsten Bracelet As a Gift For Your Man

January 10th, 2010 by wys

Rising Urban Fashion For Men - Tungsten Bracelet
The accessories world is witnessing its largest growth in Men’s Bracelet, specifically for the discerning urban men that want to add a bit of style to their daily routine. The ID Bracelet has rapidly become a popular trend in recent years, and there are many reasons behind this: strength and durability, masculinity, affordability, and virtually 0 maintenance. So how is tungsten bracelet establishing itself at the top of the ID bracelet market?

Strength and durability in ID bracelet is vital if it is to survive years of wear and use. Tungsten bracelet is composed of tungsten and carbon powders that are heat pressed and then cold tempered for maximum strength. Tungsten bracelet is very scratch-resistant and you should keep the shine of your men’s bracelet just fine.
Tungsten bracelet materials are very affordable and that is another reason for tungsten bracelets recent adoption in the ID bracelet industry. Men now have a wide selection of tungsten bracelet available to them. The manufacture of men’s bracelet is also fairly simple, keeping production costs low.

Bike chain style are another popular tungsten bracelet for men to wear daily, and is the perfect example of tungsten bracelets purpose in ID bracelet: bold style in a tough package.
The latest skull accessories rage is now finding its way into tungsten bracelet. Heavy and thick chains (widths exceeding 6mm) which typically cost many hundreds of dollars in sterling silver can now be made in tungsten bracelet for a fraction of the price, which gives the consumer a myriad of options. Stylish chains and some familiar classic styles such as Rombo, Cable, Curb, H links style, T links style, wheat links style, bar links style, snake chain, and bike chain designs are now available in a thick and heavy package, for under 100 dollars, rather than many hundreds.

Allergic Reactions to a tungsten bracelet are almost unheard of and when they do happen it is almost always because a low quality product containing cobalt as one of the binder metals for tungsten carbide was sold. Allergic reactions to a tungsten bracelet itself simply do not happen, so if you just make sure you buy a cobalt free tungsten bracelet you can count on wearing a hypoallergenic item. Titanium is also a safe option. Men’s bracelet sometimes contains nickel, but its combination with the other metals makes it highly unlikely to be the culprit for those with nickel allergy. Still, those with nickel allergies may want to exercise caution with all accessories since nickel is even used in 14 kt and 18 karat gold.

There are universal appeals to men’s bracelet, and its recent fame will grow as the trends adopt more designs and styles in tungsten bracelet. Find men’s bracelet online with hundreds of tungsten bracelet items for men and women. Classic styles of mens bracelets and mens chains and mens rings all in durable and masculine manly tungsten carbide metal! tungsten bracelets for men mens tungsten carbide bracelets men’s bracelets tungsten ID bracelets for men

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  1. Comment by annette

    Nickel in metal alloys is just as allergenic as if by itself. The salts in perspiration combine with nickel in whatever metal alloy (stainless steel, 14k gold, etc), and the resulting nickel salts are what cause the dermatitis in nickel-sensitive individuals.