Small Jewelry Boxes for Women: A Must Have for All Women

May 17th, 2011 by wys

Small jewelry boxes or trinket boxes are cute velvet or satin lined boxes that are made to hold select pieces of jewelry. They come in different styles, shapes, types, and are made of different kinds of wood. A box made with commonly available local wood is much cheaper than one that is made of rare or exotic wood.

If you are planning to gift a single piece of jewelry like a bracelet, necklace, or ring, there are tiny wooden jewelry boxes that are designed to hold just one piece of jewelry. However, if you want to buy a box to store your jewelry, you might want to consider small boxes that are made exclusively for rings, with sufficient ring slots in a single smoothly lined compartment.

If you have a collection of bangles, you could go for a rectangular box with a few rows of just bangle holders. A box with several hooks will be perfect for chains, bracelets, and necklaces, to help you hang up the jewelry without fear of scratching the jewelry.

On the other hand, if you have different pieces of jewelry but not a big collection, a small jewelry box that has a few drawers with dividers and sections will be ideal for organizing your jewelry and keeping it in sets so you can easily access them whenever necessary.

You will find several different unusually shaped jewelry boxes. You can either get your box customized or go in for a readymade box. As you are looking at a small jewelry box, it would be best to go with a readymade one as it might be costlier to customize a box just for a few pieces of jewelry. There are some really beautiful wooden boxes that are handcrafted and embellished to perfection with art work like marquetry, which is an ancient wood inlay art form.

You may even find some exquisitely handcrafted brass clasps and hinges used on boxes that are made to resemble miniature pirate treasure chests. There are boxes that are made to look like miniature antique chest of drawers or like igloos! You could get yourself a completely matched set of jewelry boxes to hold different pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry boxes made of wood have an inherent aesthetic appeal that enhances the decor of your room and don’t just boast a utility value. A handcarved jewelry box looks very sleek and classy, and looks great on your dresser. On many occasions, you may find that your exquisitely handcrafted wooden jewelry box outshines your jewelry! The rectangle-shaped jewelry box is the most popular. Maybe because it is easy to carry around, and occupies less space on the dresser. But, as a gift, the heart-shaped jewelry box is the favorite. There are also the round, oval, and hexagonal shaped boxes that are not as popular.

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