Save Money With A Pre-Set Engagement Ring

November 4th, 2010 by wys

All right, so you’re wanting to propose, but you need to figure out whether you want to go the create engagement ring route, or the pre-set engagement ring route. Well, I think that a lot of people go through this stage, so I’m going to outline the pros and cons for each side of the argument. Why don’t we start with the create engagement ring side of things: The first and most obvious benefit of creating your own engagement ring is that you get the best level of control out there. This allows for an incredibly personalized proposal experience. Second, you can often get the ring for cheaper.

You have control over what you’re buying, so you can set yourself a budget and adhere to it. Third, you can look at exactly what you’re buying. You have the ability to inspect your diamond with magnified precision. Well, that about sums up the create engagement ring side of things, obviously there are other benefits, but those are the main ones. Now let’s go over the pre-set engagement rings side of things. With a pre-set ring you can point and choose at a ring that looks good to you, can be easier, even if it’s not as personalized. You can get extremely cheap engagement rings. While the higher end rings are actually more expensive than if you built them yourself, you can get a cheap ring for under $300.

Channel setting for pre-set diamond rings is done by cutting the ring metal in such way that a channel is created on its surface. Then, many smaller diamonds are set into it for a more stunning appearance. This is also a good way to protect the gems. But pave-set diamond engagement rings are able to create a greater dazzling effect on the onlookers. Many diamonds of small sizes are set on to the rings surface. This gives the impression as if the ring is made entirely of diamonds and not of the metal. You can choose to pave the ring up to half of the circle for a mix of metal and gems. Or, you can cover the entire metal surface with diamonds, if your budget allows for it. Whichever setting you choose, make sure that it is perfect for securing the precious stone on the ring. Any loose setting is likely to result in the diamond falling out from the hands of a working woman. You should also prepare a budget for a particular setting of the ring.

Customs in Nigeria vary according to tribe and religion, but some of the common practices still in vogue today include a ceremony where the groom’s family introduces themselves to the bride’s family and asks for their daughter’s hand in marriage to their son. In time’s past, the couple would be married immediately after the engagement ceremony, but current Nigerian law requires that the couple register with the government before marrying. Couples in Egypt will exchange rings upon engagement and wear these same rings on their right hand until they are married, then move them to the left hand. During the engagement period, the man is responsible for securing a home - buying or renting a house or an apartment - and the home must include all the desired electrical appliances. Though the couple is the most important part of the marriage covenant, some of the behind-the-scenes folks also play significant roles. For example, in China, many families still rely on the services of a matchmaker who determines if the prospective bride and groom are compatible astrologically. Many Americans who are familiar with the story, “Fiddler on the Roof” gained a glimpse of Jewish customs, particularly for Jews in Tsarist Russia. During that time, the Father picked the groom based on the recommendation of the matchmaker, but as in the case of Teyve, father of five daughters, the three oldest made sure that they had their say too. Yes, the world may be changing and with these changes some customs are evolving as well. Though many young adults may want to do what is “new and different” many are honoring their families by honoring time-honored traditions. That pre-set diamond engagement ring can still be given, but as long as the remaining customs are upheld, then incorporating modern practices can still be enjoyed.

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