Retail Jewelry Prices

May 17th, 2010 by wys

I began to research my local jewelry stores. I needed to see the price of wedding bands and mostly the manufacturer price of platinum wedding bands. What I found was a surprise. I went to usually larger state name stores. They all had a small collection of super light weight bands. Most didnot have more than one platinum band in stock but were using fake plated samples.

  • Palladium
  • 900 Platinum
  • Makers Mark
  • Gram Weight
  • 950 Platinum

I started with the so-called wholesale to the general public stores. A couple of them had what is called carat platinum. This is platinum mixed with amalgamate to reduce the price and worth. The price listed wasnot inexpensive but the value is missing. Avoid this low quality platinum. When I asked for 950 platinum they often had only terribly light weight bands. Most were what I might call additional light. I would not buy bands that shallow because the absence of thickness makes the edge a little too thin to be smooth.

Idid see a lot of palladium wedding bands that many were making an attempt to sell as platinum. The sales person did not say they were platinum but they announced it was almost the same thing and was part of the platinum family. Of course they forget to say that platinum is just about double the weight and the spot cost of the metal is three times as much. The price being charged was a little under the platinum cost. It looks like palladium is being used as a high profit platinum look a like.

The bottom line is you need to grasp what you are purchasing. My online platinum wedding band store is less than half what the local retail stores are priced at and gives all of the details. I always list the weight and thickness. If youre attempting to comparison shop be certain to ask for the gram weight and thickness of any wedding band you are interested in. Purchasing rings can be done safely online and you can compare real values if you area careful client.

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