Picking Unique Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

September 15th, 2010 by wys

If you are a bride planning a wedding, you have probably already begun thinking about what gifts to give your attendants. It is important to thank those friends who have put money, effort, and time into making your day special. When it comes to choosing the gifts that best say thank you, it can be tough to pick something appealing to a wide variety of women. Some choose to purchase different gifts for each girl, but this can get complicated and confusing. You also need to worry about whether one woman will feel as if others have been treated better than her. In order to avoid this, choose gifts with a theme and specialize each one to make it unique to the particular recipient. For instance, each of your bridesmaids can get a piece of designer jewelry in a style or color that suits their taste. beaded jewelry is a great way to add personality and mix up the gifts.

Those who choose a different option can purchase a piece of clothing for the special ladies in the wedding. This saves them the cost of buying something that may only be used one time. Some bride’s go the extra mile and purchase the bridesmaid gowns, but this is a pricey investment, especially for large weddings. Instead you can buy a fun accessory that accents the overall look of the bridesmaid fashion.

A great accessory for bridesmaids are their handbags. Evening bags are often a costly investment and girls may not like spending the money since they will be using them once. Consider treating your bridesmaids to bags that coordinate with their dresses, allowing them the convenience of a handbag without the cost. You can also choose a neutral shade handbag so the ladies can use them again in the future.

Handmade items are always a hit with attendants because it shows a lot of thought went into the gift. During the weeks and months of busy wedding planning, taking time out of your schedule to make a gift for each woman in your bridal party will really express how thankful you are for the time they are giving you. If you are less crafty, find an artist who is willing to create unique gifts.

Finally, you can always opt for gift cards if nothing else strikes your fancy. This gives them a chance to buy themselves exactly what they want, and you do not have to worry about one of your girls liking another gift more than her own. With the right gift, your bridal party will know they are appreciated.

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