Personalized Jewelry for Couples: Romantic and Unique

September 17th, 2009 by wys

Couples Jewelry is a popular type of jewelry, in particular couples rings. Naturally, the engagement ring is the first thing that most people think of when considering couples jewelry. Custom jewelry has wide appeal to certain couples, because of the versatility of being able to tailor-make a piece.

Couples Rings include, of course, engagement rings. The most common types of engagement rings are those made from gold, platinum, and silver. Many choose the sophistication of a solitaire, but don’t rule out the many other options before considering what is available.

If you’re planning to select a precious stone for your engagement ring – the diamond is the most popular, but by no means only choice – it is good to educate yourself beforehand about how diamonds are classified by experts. Like any business, the diamond business is complex and to get the most for your money, it’s a good idea to look at a few books or do some Internet research before setting foot in a shop or completing an order online.

The classic wedding ring standard is the plain gold band. However, so many additional options exist, making the decision as hard as it has ever been for ring shoppers. Couples rings offer many different design options. Women often choose a wedding band that compliments their engagement ring. Many engagement ring designs come with a matching band, making the choice of a wedding band quite simple. If you don’t want to be locked into someone else’s vision of an engagement/band combination, then explore one of the many other styles.

Eternity rings are a popular new band choice for women. Eternity rings are a band of stones that go all the way around the ring, which is symbolic of an eternal bond unbroken. This style of ring allows the wearer to make a statement about the way they view their relationship with their partner.

New designs in couples rings custom jewelry include lots of new choices for men. There are styles that include precious stones. A diamond/onyx design is masculine and attractive, a look that many men tend to gravitate toward. If you’re not a huge fan of “extras” on a ring, but aren’t willing to commit to a completely plain style, consider engraved styles. Simplicity and sophistication in design will always look appealing to those of various tastes. For the most discerning, consider having a jeweler design custom jewelry to meet special needs.

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