Paper Jewelry Boxes Created for Your Bridesmaids

August 24th, 2011 by wys

On your big day, you will want to share your happiness with everyone around. What better way to thank your bridesmaids than by giving them some cute gifts. Delicate and small, decorated paper jewelry boxes would make great gifts.

Young women always have a collection of some wonderful pieces of jewelry that they would like to store away safely. Handcrafted paper boxes are a great idea for inexpensive do-it-yourself projects. You don’t need to have much experience in crafting one of these as they are very simple to make.

Paper egg cartons are popular choices when it comes to the base of such jewelry boxes. These are strong and have compartments that form a natural part of their design. A stained glass effect would be a nice way to decorate these boxes. This you can create in a clean work space with some some multi-colored tissue papers, craft glue, scissors, glitter and glitter paint.

Begin by cutting up each of the colored tissues in varying triangle sizes starting with an inch and then moving on. On a saucer, squeeze out some craft glue and give it a creamy texture by mixing in a few drops of water. Use a paintbrush to paint a portion of the box with this glue.

Pick up varying sizes of the colored tissue and press them onto the surface with glue on it. Ensure that you are using different colors and sizes. Do your painting in small areas so that the glue does not dry out before you stick on some tissue. Work the entire box this way and allow it to stand a while to dry.

Next, paint on a coat of glue on the lid. Sprinkle the entire surface with glitter. When it is set, open up the box and paint the interiors with glitter paint. At this point you will need to let the box stand for a day or so to let it completely dry. These are the basics for creating your own jewelry case. You can choose paint and glitter that matches the theme of your wedding or the jewelry of your bridesmaids on the big day.

Additionally you can opt to use artificial gem stones, pop up stickers and other such decorative items. You could decorate the box by making a magnificent lid. You will find several templates that you can use online and then trace one of them onto the top.

Materials are completely up to you and you can use shiny glitter, paint and stickers among other things to fill in the design. The entire box can be done this way to get your own special gift created. Picturize how you want the box to look and choose your materials based on this.

A good thing about a project like this is that you can let your imagination run free. Your bridesmaids will love this specially created gift and will cherish it for the rest of their lives.

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