On A Budget? Rhinestones Are As Good As Diamonds On A Little Black Dress

October 25th, 2009 by wys

When a woman dresses up, her goal is to look elegant. Elegance usually implies expense-an exclusive designer gown, and expensive jewels. However, elegance can also be achieved at a smaller cost. To start with, instead of diamonds, rhinestone jewelry can be worn. An even smaller budget is needed if the elegance is achieved through wholesale rhinestone jewelry.

At the end of the Nineteenth Century and the beginning of the Twentieth, dressing up was a big production. Dresses were long and complicated, with, at various times, hoops, bustles, lace and embroidery, mutton leg sleeves, and other bulky decorations. In the 1920s, 1926 to be exact, new era dawned. Coco Chanel came up with the timeless dress-up dress: the little black dress. At this time in history, women began to rebel against the confining clothing that they had worn throughout history. Women decided it was time for simpler and shorter dresses. This was just the time when Coco Chanel designed a soft jersey dress that was sleeveless, had a wide neck, and ended just above the knee. Up to this time, women had never exposed this much of the arms, shoulders, neck, and legs. Another surprise was the dress’s color. Until this time, black was reserved for death and mourning. In 1926 the “little black dress” came into being. And, while it has gone through many redesigns over the last 80 years, the original design is still as fresh today as it was then.

The little black dress’s best feature is its versatility. We started out discussing dressing up with elegance. Nothing is more elegant than a simply accessorized little black dress. For the prosperous woman, a few well-placed diamonds turn it into a head-turning ensemble. For the rest of us, rhinestones are a sparkly substitute. Rhinestones can be of a range of quality. not as expensive than diamonds, are not inexpensive. They have an extraordinary quality of catching and returning the light. The next level of rhinestones are made of glass with metal powder painted onto the back so that they can reflect light. The dime-store variety of rhinestones are made of acrylic. You most likely don’t want to wear acrylic diamonds with your little black dress, because, after all, acrylic is merely plastic. When you dress up your little black dress with rhinestone jewelry, the old saying that “less is more” is applicable. A couple of small pieces will dress up the outfit. More than this will make it look like a child’s dress-up outfit.

However, the true beauty of the little black dress is not that it can be dressed up for an elegant evening but that it can also be dressed down for almost any other occasion. For a more casual cocktail party, wear pearls instead of diamonds. If jewelry doesn’t fit the occasion, a fabulous scarf or colorful belt will dress up the dress in an even more casual way. Another way to accessorize the little black dress is with a jacket. This jacket can be black for a grisaille look or a bright or light color.

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