Nothing Says Style Quite Like Luxury Bridal Jewellery

April 13th, 2010 by wys

For your UK wedding, you want nothing but the best. On this most special day, every detail has to be absolutely perfect. Regardless of whether your wedding’s theme is traditional or contemporary, it’s important to choose the right Luxury Bridal Jewellery. Here’s some information we’d like to share that may make it easier to compliment and finish your look with just the right designer jewellery.

Many consider brooches to be simply a historic kind of jewellery. This is definitely not the case. In fact, brooches are a very modern and trendy Luxury Bridal Jewellery pieces, no matter if they are costume jewellery, silver, gold items having authentic gemstones. Bridal jewellery sets may very well not have a brooch in the set, so be ready to pay a little more assuming you decide you want a brooch.

Showing Off Your Brooch

In the 1800s and early 1900s, brides fastened their brooches on the front of their gowns. Today, brooches can be used in many ways, even as a hair piece. The best way to figure out how to wear one in your hair, discuss the options with your stylist the next time you stop in. You may also wear the brooch fastened to the gown on your waist. And if your gown has a train, consider placing a brooch at the back of your dress just where the train begins. If your brooch is a vintage item, remember that it qualifies as “something old”. When taking into account a wedding gown with a slim profile that has a slit along the skirt, fasten the brooch at the top of the slit to accentuate your legs and shoes.

Styles of Brooches Available

For maximum glitz and glamour, choose a thick brooch encrusted with eye-catching Swarovski crystals. To put emphasis on the gown, fastening the brooch to the waist would be the ideal location. A brooch found not long ago inside Wedding Ideas magazine contained diamante or sequins to create an elegant luminous effect. A generous helping of freshwater pearls contributed significantly the overall glow. This brooch might look nice placed on the shoulder, since it will bring attention to your face. Besides crystals, diamante, and pearls, small glass beads may also be used to sparkle and reflect the theme’s colour scheme. {Mother of pearl is also a stylish material found in bridal jewellery.

About Wedding Themes and Brooches

For seashore ceremonies, try a brooch containing delicate garnishments of pearl or sea shells. For a garden wedding, a brooch encrusted with flowers and vines is a great addition to bridal jewellery sets. As for weddings held inside a house of worship, you might go with a brooch in the shape of a cross or other icon of faith and love. Luxury Bridal Jewellery offers a number of ideas for UK brides. Don’t forget to include a brooch in your wedding wear if you’re going for that chic bridal look.


Bracelets focus attention on the hands and arms. So be sure to wear your bracelet on your right hand so a not to distract from your wedding ring. Consider the style of your dress and the tone of your wedding as well. For a casual wedding, bangles are a good choice. For a formal wedding, a classic tennis bracelet works well. Your bracelet should compliment your other UK bridal jewellery. For that reason, we offer a number of designs that coordinate perfectly.

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