More Than Adornment

June 16th, 2011 by wys

Semi-precious stones are utilized for all sorts of purposes in healing rituals around the planet. One way these stones can work their sorcery is by being worn in jewelry which is very valuable to the wearer. Today many folks wear jewelry made out of semi-precious stones and gems. Often the pieces are nothing less than handmade jewelry to the wearer, but sin other instances the gems may hold particular meaning.

Plato trusted in the correspondence of the gems with the planets of our solar system. His linking of gems to planets is used around the planet, making these gems more than bare decoration. These gems are used as agents of power and for storage of hid power. Coral, pearl, ruby, rock crystal, onyx, amethyst, agate and jade are all examples of stones that hold meaning for many individuals.

In Germany, amber beads on a string is said to help children with the discomfort of growing teeth and can frequently be found in houses where there are children. Many individuals used to save amber to fend off rheumatism. The Turks employed amber in the nozzle of smoking pipes to stop infection. In India, sadhus wear necklaces of amber beads to save them from diseases of the stomach, insides and liver.

In Rome, the employment of older coral was more notable than the use of pearls. Romans used coral not only as rings, chains, necklaces, and other jewelry, but also as talismans and charms against the natural elements like fire, lightning, hurricanes, poison, and storms. Coral was also used to help kids in easing the agony of growing their first teeth.
Amethyst stone was the favorite of the Greeks. It was used by them to invoke good dreams, evoke bravery, condition pureness, and protect against burglars. There are 84 categories of valuable stones.

There are many different gems with wide arrays of power and meaning. You can easily use precious stones to have a special piece of home made jewelry crafted for yourself or a friend or family member. If you set off to the right place, they will be able to tell you the meaning of each stone and help you to design the best gift possible based primarily on a description of your buddy or family member. If you would like to purchase for yourself, an expert will gladly steer you through assembling your own design. Do not just purchase accessories purchase significant home made pieces of jewelry which contain power beyond fashion.

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