Mini Jewelry Boxes: Some Intricate Designs

May 6th, 2011 by wys

Are you looking for mini jewelry boxes to store your small and delicate jewelry? Do you want to carry your jewelry while you travel but inconspicuously? There are several beautifully designed boxes exclusively for dainty jewelry items. In fact, when you look at these boxes, you wouldn’t know they are jewelry boxes.

These boxes are usually made with just one compartment but with slots and tiny sections for dainty pieces of jewelry. They are usually rectangular, oval, semi-circle, octagonal, hexagonal, square, round, and even curvy shaped.. Some shapes are extremely rare and very attractive.

You will want to own the peacock-shaped jewelry box, if you love wildlife, with a mirror for its plume and the jewelry box nestling in the lower half of its body. Or you might even like the boxes shaped like a rhinoceros or a crocodile with their jaws opening to reveal the jewelry box!

Then there are the boxes that are shaped like houses and even igloos, and the doors open onto the lined spaces for the jewelry. Book-shaped boxes are also quite popular; an attractive painted flower carved on the lid with the sides of the jewelry box carved into small ridges that resemble pages. A box shaped like a miniature grand piano standing on regal legs and the top of the piano opens to a satiny bed for storing your jewelry.

The smallest of all jewelry boxes are those that are made to hold individual pieces of jewelry. Some of these boxes have a transparent glass lid that attractively show off the ring, or earring, or watch inside. There are boxes in the shape of oysters, bags with handles, minature treasure chests, or with a trapdoor type of lid that conceals a mini jewelry box.

Even small jewelry boxes can be designed to hold several distinct pieces of jewelry with the use of lift-out trays and slots to hold rings, earrings, etc. These are ideal for travel. You can take a few sets of jewelry to complement your dresses instead of managing with just the set you are wearing.

The intricate carving and artwork done on the outside of wooden jewelry boxes can take your breath away: the ornamental inlays, marquetry art, and embedding work with precious stones, gold and brass plated hinges and clasps. These additional art work can transform a jewelry box into an exceptional showpiece by itself.

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