Men’s Jewelry Box and Trendy Accessories

September 11th, 2011 by wys

In this century men’s jewelry accessories have become very popular. Men can be very fashionable nowadays. They love to own the latest accessories and also very particular about the men’s jewelry box they use to store their expensive stuff.

Men were brought up to be dressed in a formal way till recently. Men wore ties, tie pins, cuff links, collar pins, and even suspenders. Now men have two ways of dressing - formal and casual.

Till this day a minimal requirement for professional dressing calls is a tie and a tie pin. This can vary according to the culture in different countries. As a fashion statement men pierce their ears and wear a stud.

The traditional men of course wear ear studs to mark their religion or community. Various types of earrings are available, ones made of stones leather and wood too. Men also like to wear rings made of silver, gold, platinum, and titanium. Mostly gold bands are used as wedding rings.

There are other rings which have large designs like faith, hope, and charity. Short chains which look like necklaces are also worn by them. They usually prefer big designs on their rings and bracelets. They also wear other accessories like leather belts with huge buckles which look bizarre at times.

Men’s favorites are also leather wallets, double bracelets, and cuff links. Pendants are a big craze and available in many designs. The popular shapes are bullets, dragons, and most common are fashionable girls. The latest fashion is the use of shells, gemstones, and wood on their accessories.

Buttons, cuff links and bracelets are also made from treated sea shells. The various types of shells used are cowrie shells, hammer shells, black, brown and white lip shells, abalone shells and capiz shells.

Coconut wood is also known as coco wood and this is carved into beads which in turn is made into bracelets, necklaces and pendants. All other accessories are also made with coconut shell. To make accessories, natural wood like palm wood or bayong wood is used. This wood is used to make beads mostly, and finished with paint.

The other accessories are watch pendants and sun glasses. For all these accessories to be accommodated a large wooden or a leather case is needed. It should have compartments to accommodate their cell phones, watches, sun glasses, earrings, rings, wallets, cuff links, collar pins, chains and pendants, etc.

The box has to accommodate bangles and bracelets so the box has to be big and the base hollow. On the whole it should be like a women’s jewelry box, at the same time have a masculine color to give it a macho look. There are various types of boxes and cases available in leather as well as wood.

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