Men’s Jewelry Box and Multiple Types of Tie Pins

September 28th, 2011 by wys

The main folk behind the making of the tie and the tie pin are the English and the French. It was done to keep the tie from disturbing the wearer, by preventing it from moving back and forth. They had a separate men’s jewelry box to keep their tiepins.

18th century women also wore ties when cycling, boating and even when playing golf and tennis. The tiepin came in very handy in clasping clothing together. If you think back, you will remember that your father or grandfather were clad in formal clothing all day. Style and a sense of dress came naturally to them. One would never find an Englishman informally dressed and without a tie and tiepin.

Today, only professionals wear these accessories. Tiepins have always been a style statement, but they have been improved. Several new designs and patterns have come along. Considering how conscious the modern world is, the right kind of accessories are important.

The right kind of accessories are necessary to get that smart dressed look. You will find that tiepins are generally made from gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and silver. They look exceptionally great when they are studded with precious stones like jade, jasper, moonstone, sun stone, amber, opal, coral, pearl, and abalone.

Slide bars or tie slides as they are also known help hold a tie and shirt together. Tie clips, clasps and tacks are completely different from tie pins and bars. Tie tacks come with a button that is threaded through the label that lies behind the tie and the chain is attached to the shirt through the button hole. First comes the decorative part and then the chain. Although it is a classy accessory one should be careful while using it.

Tie tacks end up spoiling button holes in the long run and sometimes stain, causing damage to the shirt and tie. Tie tacks come with sharp pins on them to help attach to the shirt. Tie straps came about recently because people prefer to have their accessories stay out of sight. They are made of transparent plastic. These can easily be put onto the shirt by slipping them through the label loop of the tie and button. They are much lighter than tie pins.

There are a number of men’s jewelry boxes created to specially store tie pins. They store pins safely to protect their value. The boxes are lined with a soft lining to keep pins inside safe, especially those encrusted with stones.

There are a number of designs and varieties in pins, clasps etc to choose from. You will find those to suit your tastes and your wallet. Do remember to use your tie accessories and not just keep them as show pieces in your valet.

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