Mens Jewelry Box: A Necessity

May 3rd, 2011 by wys

Hearing his ‘cufflinks box’ or ‘watch box’ being referred to as a mens jewelry box will make any man shudder. But the truth is that’s what it is! It is designed to hold what is precious to men like watches, tie pins, cuff links, rings, coin collection, etc.

There are many different types of jewelry boxes for men. Boxes made of burlwood or hardwood stained to show off the natural grain, are very elegant. The types of wood that are most popular in making these boxes are cherry, teak, and mahogany. And if the box has some intricate art work or carving on it, it would make a beautiful showpiece.

There are boxes that are exclusively designed for watch collections. Men like to collect expensive pocket and regular watches, and these satin-lined boxes with individual slots for every watch, make a terrific gift for the man in your life. The ‘watch box’ also plays the role of a showcase for his watch collection if the lid is made of transparent glass.

Boxes with lift-out trays that are designed to hold watches and neatly segregated space underneath for other items, is also great as a gift.

Most of these boxes have the inner side of their lids lined with satin to hold jewelry. Sometimes, a mirror forms the inner lid of the box. The modern male also likes to wear and flaunt his jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

A valet tray is a very informal and yet useful alternative to a jewelry box, and allows a man to store his keys, pens, tiepins, watches, cufflinks, rings, credit cards, wallet, glasses, mobile phones, etc in an organised manner. He can easily empty his pockets and store all the stuff in the valet tray on his dresser as soon as he comes home. This reduces clutter around the house and also reduces the time spent in searching for everything in the morning!

Men’s jewelry boxes are very functional, and make sophisticated and sleek gifts for men. They also make ideal travel companions keeping all their stuff safe. Many of these boxes have a locking facility either with keys and locks or with security codes, or sometimes both.

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